5 Times Kim Kardashian Gave Us Ultimate Hair Envy

5 Times Kim Kardashian Gave Us Ultimate Hair Envy

The queen herself Kim Kardashian always wows her fans with her dramatic changes with her hair. Of course, you have to have some guts to sit nine hours in a salon just to turn blonde. Being a model, you have to change your look and keep people excited, yet somehow Kim K always seems to pull off dramatic hair changes.

From brunette, pink, platinum blonde and green, this goddess wrote the book on statement hair. But the latest look she has conquered is one that many of us can only dream of, the long bob.

1. Making a Splash With Mermaid Waves

Kim posted this photo in her dressing room of her dreamy mermaid waves. Ultimate hair envy, who wouldn’t want to be a mermaid? The look was complemented by a nude lip, brown smoky eyes and flawless contour. She posted the picture on her Instagram in March with a single mermaid emoji caption.


I mean, what more do you need when you have 142m followers? Kim is not the only family member to have tackled green locks, with Kylie experimenting plenty of times with her extreme hair colours.

5 Times Kim Kardashian Gave Us Ultimate Hair Envy With Green Waves

2. Slicker Than Rick Ponytail

Of course, only Kim K can have the perfect facial structure to suit such a slick hairstyle. She rocked this look with a tailored pinstripe suit for her KKW pop up back in December. Her business-like look highlighted her slick hairstyle, that she often wears with statement outfits, giving the model-turned-CEO the appropriate vibes for her event. Yes boss!


5 Times Kim Kardashian Gave Us Ultimate Hair Envy The Slick Pony Tail

3. Legally Platinum Blonde

Nine hours to bleach and dye your hair is a real commitment when you’re in uni five days a week and work the other two. But when you’re a Kardashian, the world can wait for you. She poses in this pic with Momma Kris, who also took the plunge and changed the colour of her locks.

Why wouldn’t you want to match your momager at all times? The 2018 Mother’s Day post thanks her momma for being ‘the best Mom in the entire world.’ Twinning? Or too much?


5 Times Kim Kardashian Gave Us Ultimate Hair Envy With The Platinum Blonde Look

4. Pink Is the New Black

How can anyone make pink hair look more perfect than Kim Kardashian? Last year Kim posted a Snapchat filter picture of her pink locks pouting and looking as cute as a bear. The model announced that she was ‘over’ her blonde ambition and wanted to switch it up with more playful colours.

Many of her fans wanted to know if this drastic change was a wig, to which she replied with a tweet shutting down the haters with: ‘I don’t do wigs, it’s real.’ The change was inspired by a previous shoot where she fell in love with the pink. It wasn’t long until Kim changed back to her classic brunette, but for the short time she had pink hair, we loved it.


5 Times Kim Kardashian Gave Us Ultimate Hair Envy With Pink Hair


5. Water Is Wet, Right? So Is This Kim Look

How can we not talk about the most recent Met Gala look, where Kim Kardashian aced the red carpet with hubby Kanye West right beside her? Her solo shots looked amazing, with the theme of her outfit ‘straight out the ocean’, styled by Manfred Thierry Mugler, her makeup stylist Mario and Chris Appleton.

The delicate water droplets on her dress and the shine on her body were all highlighted by her wet-look hair. The original curls stayed in place while looking like the queen had stepped straight out of the sea. We have also seen this look in many of Kim’s magazine covers and previous events such as Vogue covers and at the VMA awards.

5 Times Kim Kardashian Gave Us Ultimate Hair Envy With The Wet Look


Not only will you now envy Kim Kardashian as much as we do, but you can also get inspired by her looks and copy them for your next party. Of course, it may be a little extra for a student night or freshers, but if you have the confidence or fancy spicing things up a bit, then follow these five glam styles to wow your family and friends.

Do you have a favourite look from Kim Kardashian? Comment below your favourite and any looks you think should be added to the list.

Featured Image Source: allure.com