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10 Times Bridget Jones Was Incredibly Relatable

10 Times Bridget Jones Was Incredibly Relatable

Here are 10 times Bridget Jones managed to be incredibly and unapologetically relatable

The character Bridget Jones was originally created by British writer Helen Fielding. Jones first appeared in Fielding’s column in The Independent in 1995.

The column became a book and then an eventually a movie and is now a worldwide franchise!

Bridget Jones played by Renée Zellweger is so convincing in this role and the character can definitely be considered as a modern-day icon.


She is known for her wit and incredibly relatable affirmations like “oh god, I’m never going to get married and my sodding Mum and Dad are doing it twice” and “Valentine’s Day purely commercial, cynical enterprise, anyway. Matter of supreme indifference to me.”

Here are 10 times Bridget Jones was incredibly and unapologetically relatable.

1.Annual Turkey Curry Dinner

Her internal monologue throughout this dinner is pretty much everyone at a family event.


Not only does she not want to be there, she actually manages to develop verbal diarrhoea when she starts to talk to anyone attractive. (i.e Mark Darcy) .

“Stop talking total nonsense to strangers, in fact, stop talking full stop”  

2. She believes she is going to die alone

There is a huge part of Bridget Jones that believes she is going “to die fat and alone and eaten by Alsatians”


3. She overthinks everything

She tells herself not to overthink her flirtatious messages with Daniel Cleaver whilst planning out their wedding in her head.

4. When she feels incredibly empowered for standing up for herself

When she leaves her job and walks out feeling confident, strong, powerful and knows her worth.

“If staying here means working within 10 yards of you, frankly, I’d rather have a job wiping Saddam Hussein’s Arse”


5. Her daily affirmations

The time she said this; “I’m eschewing all men and cigarettes and carbohydrates”

6. When she is finding a new job

Bridget Jones applies for a job in Children’s TV but when asked whether she wants children she replies with; “Christ no!” Then when she realises, she is never going to get this job she tries to save the situation by laughing nervously.

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7. When she takes Madonna very seriously

Remember when she was put in Thai prison in the second movie and took it upon herself to teach all the women how to sing “Like a Virgin” properly and in tune.

8.  Her (occasional) jealousy towards Rebecca Gillies

I like to think that Bridget Jones is a feminist and believes in empowering and uplifting all women. But occasionally she’ll have the odd moment where she thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her with Rebecca Gillies and go off on a tangent. See tangent below:

“I can’t Ski, I can’t ride, I can’t speak Latin and my legs only come up to here and yes, I will always be just a little bit fat” 


9. She can’t cook

At the end of the first film, she insists on cooking for all of her friends despite the fact that she cannot cook to save her life but manages to put a positive spin on things anyway.

“This is Bridget Jones for Sit Up Britain, searching for Tuna”

10. Singing along to music

She does this a lot.


The first film, Bridget Jones’ Diary, starts with Bridget Jones singing ‘All by myself’ by Céline Dion. Then, the third film starts with Jones singing to ‘Jump Around’ by House of Pain, not only is this great character development, it’s a sick song too.

 There are so many other relatable Bridget Jones moments but here are just a few of the best ones.

Comment below if you can think any more relatable moments too.

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