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5 Thrift Shops In London To Visit Your Next Day Off

5 Thrift Shops In London To Visit Your Next Day Off

Living on a budget is hard, but there are tons of thrift shops in London you can visit to find some great steals. Check out this list for some of the best thrift shops in London.

Saving money can be challenging as a Student living in London, United kingdom, the most expensive European City. So here is a budget shopping list that all students should know before moving to the Big Fog(or should I say Big Tax). These are some great thrift shops in London you should definitely check out.

1. Stick to supermarkets’ sale sections

When it comes to buying food, there is loads of options in London. But they’re not all as cheap or healthy as it seems. You can find reduced prices anywhere but the cheapest stores would be: One pound store, Aldi, Asda, Lidl, Tesco, Cooperative, Costco & Sainsbury. Other shops such as Marks & Spencer and Waitrose are on the pricier side but you can still find a good student deal once in a while.

2. Avoid small pricy boutiques

Small touristy boutiques can sometimes be a scam as you can find similar items for much less in commercial malls or bigger stores, or even online. not to say that all small artsy boutiques are to avoid, but it’s preferable to know this before regretting purchasing an overpriced item you don’t even need. Vintage shops might be cute, but they’re not all affordable. Thriftshops are more interesting, money-wise.


Camden Town and Shoreditch area might be the place for you.

3. Recycle, collect & repeat

When living in London, you realise you can’t be eating out every single day, or go on shopping sprees with your friends on the week-end all the time. That’s why you need to think smart, and start collecting simple things such as napkins, plastic cutlery in stores so you don’t have to buy real ones when you first move in. It’ll make your life easier, as less cleaning to do & more money saved.

4. Get Freebies !

You might be living in the priciest European city, but there is freebies and discounts available at every corner. There is so many sites out there that offer these, of course you’ll have to browse for a while, but sometimes it can be worth it.

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5. Use your student discount anywhere you shop !

Don’t forget to ask for student discounts anywhere you go, even if they don’t offer it it’s worth asking. You often get to have a 10% even 20% discounts on clothing stores and other places. More expensive stores such as M&S often don’t offer it so might be better to online shop as you can apply discount codes as well.

6. Rent instead of buying !

Ever heard of the renting policy in the UK? Lots of people, especially students, had the great idea to buy items, such as clothing or shoes, use them once or twice for a night out and then return it the next day, with the tags still on. That is the new “Budget” technique they use in order to look fancy without spending a pound. You get to look your best for an event and get your money back at the end. But of course make sure returns are possible before purchase.


In a nutshell, council tax is way too high in London to be spending millions of £ on unnecessary items. So follow this list and you should be fine. Keep in mind, there is always a way to get something for cheaper, especially at those thrift shops in London!

Do you have any favorite thrift shops in London? Let us know in the comments below!
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