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11 Thoughts You Have As You’re Turning 30

11 Thoughts You Have As You’re Turning 30

Turning 30 comes with a lot of ups and downs, and there are a lot of mixed thoughts people ahve as they approach th big 3-0. Here are some.

A lot of people obsess over the idea of turning 30, they begin to worry about everything, but this is completely natural. You’re probably thinking you should have it all figured out by now, but this is how everybody thinks and it’s not worth stressing about. Life is not a race and the finish line is most definitely not age thirty. If we achieved everything by this age what would we have to look forward too? Life is about working towards goals. Having something to aim for is what drives us, so don’t stress! Here are the 10 thoughts that everybody has as they approach the big 3-0. You are not alone!

1. What am I doing with my career?

This is the number one worry for anybody turning 30. We start to wonder if our current job role is good enough. Do I make enough money? Am I happy with what I’m doing? A lucky few will be able to say yes, I make enough money to support a family and I can still afford a holiday twice a year, but for most of us the answer is no. It’s very rare that you hear a person say they love their job and in this day and age it’s difficult to kick-start a career.  How many people have you heard have gone to university, to still struggle finding a job. Don’t sweat it, you are doing the best you can!

2. Should I have a baby?

You start to notice that everybody around you is either having a baby or they already have children. Until now, you hadn’t even thought about babies, but suddenly there everywhere and some of them look major cute! This is the age when you start to think about getting pregnant, even if you hadn’t considered it before. You’ll joke with friends about how you might need to freeze your eggs and family members will make comment that you’re not getting any younger. Don’t worry, not everybody is ready at the age of thirty and that’s ok. In fact, a lot of people with children say they wish they had lived their lives before signing up to take care of another life. Enjoy yourself whilst you still can!


11 Thoughts You Have As You're Turning 30

3. I need to move out.

If you’re still living at home when turning 30 you probably want your own space. As we grow older we become more independent. It may be comfortable to still have your parents cook and clean for you, but let’s be honest, at the age of thirty we should be learning to fend for ourselves. It’s financially difficult in today’s society to own your own home, unless you have a great job and earn mega bucks. Most people have to save money for a deposit on a home, so don’t worry if you have to live at home a little longer in order to get that money together.

4. Shit, I’m ageing

You wake up one day and suddenly it’s like you’ve aged overnight. Your eyes look tired and you start noticing lines and large pores that you swear weren’t there a few weeks ago. Then you find a grey hair. This is when the panic sets in.  You start googling things like “how to get rid of dark circles” and before you know it you’ve got cabinet full of anti-ageing products and box dyes.  You’ve probably purchased a face cream from Clarins and you might even be considering botox. Ageing is one of the horrors we have to face, but don’t worry, we all have to go through it. As you age most of the people you know will be ageing too, so stop worrying, unless you want to find another grey hair!


5. I should really start looking after my health

As you approach thirty you start to notice your no spring chicken anymore. Morning jogs are a thing of the past, even walking the dog seems like a chore. You wake up in the morning feeling like a pensioner, carry out your morning stretches, then it’s off to work you go. By the end of the day all’s you want to do is get home and relax but in the back of your head you know you want to be fitter. At the age of thirty you start to worry about your health and you will go through the “I want to be a better person phase”. During this phase you’ll start eating healthier and you’ll sign up to a gym, even if you don’t go, at least the though is there! Try not to worry, you still have a lot of life left in you.

6. Where is the love of my life!

If you’re still single at the age of thirty you do start to worry. Why have my friends all settled down and I’m still sat here on the shelf? Is there something wrong with me? Am I going to be doomed to loneliness forever? It may even be the case that you’re in a relationship, but you will start to question it. Where is our relationship going? Is this the person I want to spend the rest of my life with? If you haven’t met the right person at the age of thirty, don’t force it, you still have the rest of your life to find “the one”.

7. Where are my friends at?

It’s easy to start feeling lonely at the age of thirty. Gone are the days of going out getting drunk every weekend. It’s not as easy to call up a friend and spontaneously meet up. As people get older they have more responsibilities, so you’ll start noticing you have to book appointments with friends. Dinner dates are planned one month in advance, and sometimes your friends will still cancel because there just tired. If you feel this way at the age of thirty, maybe you need to find some younger friends, or take on a new hobby to keep yourself occupied. The gym is a great thing to take up, just saying.


11 Thoughts You Have As You're Turning 30


8. I should really spend more time with my family

You start to realise just how important your family really are at this age. You become closer, in fact your family become more like your friends. You start noticing your nieces and nephews are growing up fast. You feeling guilty for having not visited your grandparents as often as you should, the truth is they won’t be around forever. This realisation is one of the best things about turning 30, it will give you the kick you need to start making an effort and you definitely won’t regret it.

9. Have I ticked everything off my bucket list?

You treat turning 30 as though your life is coming to its end. You start to worry that you haven’t lived life to the full. I need to go and Hike Kilimanjaro, NOW! I want to travel the world, go sky diving and swim with dolphins. I’m turning 30 and I’ve still not done any of this, Ahhh! The fear sets in, but you have to remember, your life is not at its end, there’s still plenty of time.

10. I no longer have time for bullshit

With your life seemingly coming to its end you haven’t got time for negativity. You start to revaluate your friendships and relationships and you will find that this is the stage in your life when you’ll get rid of the people who don’t deserve your time. That means it’s time to say goodbye to fuckboys and generally anybody who has let you down on more than one occasion. You no longer have the patience for these types of people and you will quite gladly remove them from your world, let’s face it, aint nobody got time for that!


11. Maybe I should learn something new

You’ll start thinking about all kinds of crazy things, should I learn a new language? Why did I never learn how to play guitar? Should I have gone to university? As you get older you’ll find you have new interests, you might even decide you want a complete career change, that’s ok! Start a new journey, take those piano lessons, go to Spanish language classes. It’s never too late to late to go back and study, the world is your oyster!

What do you think about turning 30? Are you on the verge of turning 30? Tell us in the comments!
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