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10 Thoughts That Goes Through Your Mind When You Break Up With Someone

10 Thoughts That Goes Through Your Mind When You Break Up With Someone

10 Thoughts That Goes Through Your Mind When You Break Up With Someone

Ever had to break up with a significant other? Or have things been getting difficult lately, and you may be contemplating on doing so for the first time? This may be a daunting process to go through, but don’t worry! Here are 10 thoughts that goes through your mind when you break up with someone, that will not only make you laugh, but help you prepare for what’s to come as well.

1. I’m done.

Everything starts with a trigger. Whether it be the plate he forgot to wash for the upteenth time, or something more serious like a cheating scandal, you are bound to have thoughts of frustration and anger when breaking up with someone. You’re sick and tired of their imcompetence as a significant other, and finally want your own freedom back. At this point, you feel like they’ve wasted your time even staying with you for this long and you just want to breathe.

2. How should I say this?

Do you break up through text, or is that too harsh? Maybe you should say it to their face, but then you run the risk of the atmosphere turning awkward and having to deal with their reaction in public. But then again, is calling even that much different to texting? This is the part where your moral compass joins the fray. Should you prioritise your own convinience and break up through text, or should you do it face to face in order to give him some respect?

10 Thoughts That Goes Through Your Mind When You Break Up With Someone

3. Fuck it, I’m just going to say it.

Regardless of how you choose to do it, you end up just blurting it out. I mean, is there ever really a time and place for a break up anyway? Yeah, not really. It’s better if you just get it over with, lest you decide you want to mull over the million other ways you could’ve broken up with them instead.

10 Thoughts That Goes Through Your Mind When You Break Up With Someone

4. Wait, am I making the right choice?

Ah, the self doubt. It was bound to squeeze its way in here somehow. You start to wonder if you can even find someone better than your current significant other, if breaking up was even the right choice to begin with. Was this something you could’ve resolved together if you hadn’t just jumped the gun and asked to break up? Fuck, maybe you shouldn’t have been so impulsive.

5. Shit, it’s too late to back out now.

But it’s too late now. You see him round the corner to your meet up point, or maybe he’s read your break up text and is now typing a response, or he picks up the phone the moment you think of hanging up and your mind goes into a frenzy.  Is this really what you wanted? Well, doesn’t matter now. Because now you can’t back out, you have to go through with this. Sigh, what did you get yourself into?

6. Please don’t be difficult.

The last thing anybody wants is for their significant other to take the break up badly. Imagine having to insist on breaking up, while the other person just constantly begs you to do anything but leave them. You’d have to keep repeating yourself over and over again to deaf ears. You shudder. Hopefully it doesn’t resort to that.

7. Wow, that went way easier than I thought it would.

Surprisingly, your significant other took the break up well. No screaming or yelling, and most of all, no beggin for you to stay. You don’t know if you should feel grateful that your prayers were being heard, or feel offended that they didn’t care enough to make you stay. But it doesn’t matter now. All that matters is that you’ve finally broken up with your significant other, and now freedom is all yours!

8. Maybe I shouldn’t have done this.

Then the regret starts to sip in. You start thinking that maybe breaking up wasn’t the best decision ever. I mean, they took the break up quite well. Doesn’t that mean you probably could’ve worked things out with them, too?

9. Nope, it’s getting difficult.

And this is where your regret starts to dissipate and turn into annoyance. They’re starting to get difficult, whether it be trying to persuade you to stay or just turning into a complete and utter asshole. Well, so good for taking it well, right? Fuck.

10. Thank god!

This is the point where you actually break up with them. They end up realising that annoying you won’t change your mind anytime soon, and finally leave you alone. Thank god!

10 Thoughts That Goes Through Your Mind When You Break Up With Someone

Have you ever had these thoughts when breaking up with someone? Or were there thoughts I missed out in this article? Comment below thoughts you’ve had when you broke up with one of your significant others, and don’t foerget to share this with friends who might be going through the same thing!

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