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10 Thoughts Everyone With A Messy Flatmate Has

10 Thoughts Everyone With A Messy Flatmate Has

10 Thoughts Everyone With A Messy Flatmate Has

Living with other people aka your flatmates, for the first time can be daunting, you know not everyone is going to be a clean-freak (hey you’re not perfect yourself), but what you don’t anticipate is how truly disgusting a room becomes when someone else quite clearly gives no shits about cleaning up.

Reality hits home

You blank out every time your mum lectures you on cleaning but once you live alone you quickly realise how much she actually did for you… turns out plates don’t wash themselves up, who knew?!

It might be you…

If you can’t relate take the hint – you might be the messy flatmate! It’s essential to keep communal areas clean and tidy for everyone to enjoy, especially when there’s a lot of people sharing. Here are 10 thoughts you might have had if you have the unfortunate experience of sharing a flat with someone very messy (or lazy!)…


The thoughts…

The beginning

1. Firstly you might be wondering why one of your flatmates would leave out the remnants of an entire takeaway meal in a small shared space when the bin is literally ONE meter away. Like seriously you could throw the rubbish away without even moving, why would someone not do that?! Takes literally one second!

The lesson

2. You think that by refusing to clean up for them you’ll teach your messy flatmate a lesson. You think hey, maybe if they realise that it’s not gonna clean itself up they’ll notice their mistake and it won’t happen again. Because they’re not an animal right, and surely they don’t actually enjoy living in mess?


3. They never learn though so you start to get used to your flatmate’s enormous pile of decaying washing up, its sort of like a decorative art installation – makes it look more homely?…Maybe?


The sneak

4. Except theres one plate of congealed something? that is absolutely disgusting… you wonder if they’ll even notice if you throw it away… yep.. just slide… that plate… into the bin….and no one will ever know who did it….

So many questions

5. You question the sanity of this messy madman…why is their stuff everywhere? Why do they have a bath towel in the kitchen? Do they even realise their slippers have been under the fridge for weeks? They haven’t even noticed that plate you threw away…Is your flatmate actually blind to the mess?

Blame the parents

6. But maybe its not their fault, you assume your flatmate must have been waited on hand and foot at home – they just don’t know any better the spoiled little brat!


Pure disgust

7. Coming back after the holidays and remembering how repulsive the place smells thanks to all your flatmate’s shit which has been lying around for months now.  You manage  to hold in a gag as you open every window in the room, hopefully, a spritz of perfume will take the edge off…

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8. Also noticing how many flies have spawned in their old rubbish… you never imagined having to share with bugs too…


Almost over

9. You’re intensely grateful that you only have to live as flatmates for a year. This one has really tested your patience… and your immune system, but thankfully you have cleaner prospects head of you.

Thanks mum

10. Finally you thank your mum for raising you the ‘right’ way. All the times she shouted at you to clean your room are finally paying off – you never EVER want to live in such mess again!

After all the mess

If you’ve ever had these thoughts we feel you! You may never teach your flatmate a lesson or get revenge, but at least you know YOU’RE not the disgusting flatmate that everyone complains about – tell us your experiences of messy flatmates below!

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