10 Thoughts Every Girl Has During Sex

A lot of thoughts run through a girl's head during sex. We've put together a list of just some of the things your girl is thinking!

So many things can go through your mind during sex, especially bad sex. Sometimes you’re a little too distracted to think if it’s going well. If you’re not enjoying, you can go from an inner monologue of complaining to planning what you’ll be having for dinner. Everyone’s been there, your mind can’t help but wonder! Here are 10 thoughts every girl has had during sex.

1. “Come on. Just hurry up…”

If it’s particularly bad or they’re taking an incredibly long time to finish, sometimes you just lie there, bored, counting the minutes. You’ve been through the worry of whether or not you’re doing the right things and then you just can’t be arsed anymore! There’s only so much you can do…

2. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

I don’t know if it’s certain things you do or if it’s just some peoples cum faces, but sometimes you just think, “What is that expression you’re making?” It can range from creepy to hilarious but can definitely kill the mood in an instant.

3. “Please, no, don’t stop. You were doing so well.”

One of the most frustrating things ever, is when your partner doesn’t listen to your moans and stops doing exactly what you like. It’s always when you’re close to finishing too. You’ve just gotten into it and then…nothing. They just stop and move onto something else that just isn’t working as well.

4. “Someone needs to learn biology…”

Or it’s the complete opposite. I don’t understand how difficult it is for some men to find the clit. It’s not that hard, seriously. Go back to school for a quick biology lesson if you need to. It’s not a treasure map, you really don’t have to go poking around everywhere and anywhere.

5. “I hope I still have my eyebrows!”

Women can often be very self-conscious during sex. One of the things we get self-conscious over in particular is makeup. When your face is in a pillow, sometimes things smudge. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat up to half an eyebrow. Eyeliner wings disappear, lipstick fades, eyebrows rearrange themselves…nightmare.

6. “I look terrible in this position.”

Another thing we can worry about is the position we’re in. When your boobs are hanging down and your thighs are on show, you can get a little self-conscious. You try to get into it but you just keep thinking of what the other person can see.

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7. “I’m going to look like Amy Winehouse after this.”

The ultimate bed hair, sex hair can be hilarious at times. It’s even worse if you’ve tied it up in a ponytail then forgot about it and proceeded to lay back down. You get up with a huge beehive and one big knot. It can take ages to comb that shit out.

8. “And what am I supposed to do with those again?”

Men, just accept that sometimes, we just don’t know what to do with your balls okay? They just hang there, what do you want us to do?!

9. “I paid all that money and you haven’t once complimented my bra.”

We can spend quite a lot on a matching set of lingerie. So please compliment us on it before you go tearing them off. It takes a lot of effort, money and confidence to buy something nice and feel good in it. Don’t waste the opportunity.

10. “You better not have finished- Yep, they’re done. Great.”

Women can take longer to finish than men. It’s just the way it is. You can bet that the majority of the time, we haven’t gotten there. So, it can be really annoying when we’ve seen you finish and just instantly give up. We’re still here you know? Give us our turn!

Your mind wonders so much. Even if it’s the best sex of your life, you just can’t help getting a little distracted sometimes. Our minds are our worst enemies, I swear.
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