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8 Thoughts Every Anxious Person Gets At The Gym

8 Thoughts Every Anxious Person Gets At The Gym

8 Thoughts Every Anxious Person Gets At The Gym

Are you an anxious person who finds going to the gym ridiculously scary? There are so many people there that you’ll always believe are fitter and will know exactly what they’re doing. You stupidly think of thousands of reasons why they are judging you when really, nobody really cares you’re there because everybody is there for the same reason.

Today’s article is going to bring to light some of the paranoid thoughts every anxious person get’s at the gym; let’s see if you can relate.

1. Do I Smell?

This ones a given; you’re working really hard to push yourself on that treadmill and you can feel the sweat dripping off of you and your only thought as an anxious person is… “Do I reek of B.O. right now? Is that why nobody is choosing the treadmill next to me?! I bet I stink!” And what does this make you do? End your workout and rush out the door to the showers to help save whatever ‘dignity’ you have left.


Everybody stinks in this room so embrace the smell because the more you sweat, the closer you are to your ideal body.

2. Am I Jiggling?

You’re doing your dreaded cardio workout on the bike or maybe you wanted to push the boat out today and use the cross-trainer and all you think about is the feeling of your flab flying in the air.

Whatever, this is all in your head and everybody has wobbly bits so get over it.


3. I’m Totally Doing This Wrong

You’re trying out some new equipment that’s a bit more technical than a running machine and you try and figure out how to use it but whilst doing so, the anxious person inside you can’t help but feel everybody’s eyes are on you because you look like a massive idiot.

Give yourself a break; nothing is too technical in a gym for you and if you need, just ask a staff member to help you out.

4. Does It Sound Like I Need An Inhaler

People have asthma, that obviously can’t be helped but you, as a person with no breathing issues feels that when you get a run on, you sound like a rhino snoring. “Seriously, can’t you just breath out your nose for once?!” is what your mind is screaming at you.


Stop worrying, the music is loud enough for people not to hear you so I say, be as loud as you need.

5. You Could Drown In Your Sweat

Again, with the sweat. You question if it’s humanly possible to produce so much liquid… You’re drenched for gods sake and all your brain stresses over is if people are disgusted in your wet arms.

Everybody sweats, least they know you are working your arse off!

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6. You Look Ridiculous

As an anxious person, no matter what you’re doing in the gym, whether that’s swimming, classes, a PT session you can’t help but think you look absolutely ridiculous and so out of place.

Who really wants to look right at home at the gym though?!


7. How Do You Leave

You’re swimming, people keep walking in, there’s people chilling in the jacuzzi and all you can stress over is everyone glaring at you when you decide to get out the pool. So, you think tactically on how you can climb out without hardly anyone being able to see… Hopefully they will turn around to do another length and that’s your queue to go!

Just wow… you don’t even know these people and you’ll probably never see them again so don’t even pay attention to anyone else, you’re there for yourself.

8. You Can’t Get It Right

You’re in a class and everybody is nailing every move but you mess up 90% of the time. You are excruciatingly embarrassed because the 70-year-old is giving you pointers and the instructor is continuously circling you so being the anxious person you are, you think of ways to walk out that door.


Come off it, you’re new and you knew you weren’t going to be a pro in your first class so stick with it and you’ll be smashing it and giving out your own pointers in no time.

Are you an anxious person who has these thoughts most time’s you’re at the gym? Or do you have any other thoughts you’d like to confess? Comment them below and I guarantee you won’t be alone.

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