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10 Thoughtful And Personal Graduation Party Favor Ideas

10 Thoughtful And Personal Graduation Party Favor Ideas

With graduation fast approaching, so are the graduation parties! Here 10 Thoughtful And Personal Graduation Party Favor Ideas for your guests!

With graduation fast approaching, no doubt graduation parties will be on a lot of our minds! With so much to plan and set up, it’s easy to overlook graduation party favours. To help you out, here is a list of 10 thoughtful and personal graduation party favour ideas!

1) Too Cool for School

This is a wonderfully contemporary, quirky graduation party favor that plays on the idea of being ‘too cool for school’ (ironically, now that you’ve completed it!). This favour is compact, durable and also practical so it is something that will last, and no doubt come into use at some point!

2) Cocoa Crazy

If you want to try something very simple but ludicrously effective, go with chocolate! Packaging your favourite chocolates in cute jars complete with miniature graduation cap lids is a great way of really flaunting and showcasing your success through the favours!


3) Back to Basics

Sometimes, it’s best to step away from super fancy, artsy favours and go back to basics; there is nothing more meaningful than a heart-felt message for family and friends to read and take away from your graduation party! If you opt for this graduation party favor, it is an opportunity for you to express your love and gratitude to your friends and family, for everything they have done to support you during your time in high school or university.

4) Light Bulb Moment

This favour is a great play on the idea of a ‘light bulb moment’ in the context of acquiring knowledge and in education – it can’t get more relevant to graduation than that! Fill the props with anything from sweets to chocolate for a treat, or pretty beads, if you want to offer something that will last.

5) Poppin’

Although this is an unusual graduation party favor, it is a good option as popcorn costs little to purchase and is quick and easy to pop n’ pack. It is also on the healthy side of the snacks spectrum and appeals to just about everyone, so you can’t go wrong with it!


6) Sugar Rush

Lollipops are a cult favourite treat for both children and adults alike. When personalised, these sugary sensations are ideal graduation party favours, as they are sweet (literally!), simple and easy to source.

7) One Smart Cookie

This humorous option will undoubtedly go down a treat, just like the cookie itself! Having a picture of the person graduating printed on the packaging in addition to the wording, adds a sweet, personal touch that’ll make the occasion all the more special.

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8) Quirky Key Ring

Key rings make touching favours as they are intended to be carried around by the person they are presented to; they are quite a personal gift, aimed at close friends and family or even classmates, so that everyone can leave with a practical souvenir of high school or university. Adding a quirky message related to graduation adds a little humour, making them light-hearted at the same time.

9) Pucker the Pout

If you’d like to add a little sprinkle of girly charm to your graduation party favours, then these are perfect! These adorable personalised lip balms not only serve a functional purpose – the tubes can be kept once the lip balm has been used up, for a lasting memento of the occasion!

10) Raise a Glass

In the spirit of raising a glass in celebration of graduation, sending your guests off with personalised glasses at the end of the night is a fab way of allowing your guests to take the party home!


What would your ideal graduation party favours be? Tell us in the comments!

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