This Is What We Think Of Ariana Grande And Her Girl Boss Ways

Do you love Ariana Grande as much as we do? Well, you're about to find out! Here's why we love Ariana and her girl boss ways!

Ah, Ariana Grande. What don’t we have to say about the oh-so-popular pop princess. We could go on for hours. From her breathtaking voice to her empowering and inspirational presence, her fearless outlook and way of life is something to truly admire. From the devastating Manchester attack, to her failed engagement. Ariana Grande has come back fighting and has shown us what strength and love can really do. We love you Ariana, and here’s why.

1. Picks Herself Up And Dusts Herself Off

Ariana Grande, as I’m sure we’ll all agree, her flair for picking herself up and dusting herself off is truly something to admire. Ariana Grande has faced several devastating situations which she has gracefully and respectfully risen from. Every time she has come back fighting, and with even more power and drive from the time before (the proof is in the pudding, take a listen to her newest album, Sweetener). She gives her fans strength through her own strength. Her power, her independence and her grace are all extremely influential, and her fans take inspiration from this. She helps people believe in themselves and encourages them to be strong and powerful no matter the situation. Ariana Grande has rightfully earned the girl boss label, fair and square!

2. Fights For What She Believes In

If there’s one thing Ariana is good at, and prides herself upon, it is her confidence to stand up for what she believes in. She also stands up for people who can’t stand up for themselves, she uses her voice for the people who don’t have one.  She stands for and with all walks of life, whatever you believe in or whatever background you may come from, she believes everyone is equal and she fights for this. Her reputation has come from shutting interviewers down when they’ve gone to far, or she simply doesn’t approve. Ariana is a dominant, fearless young woman who believes in equality for all. We praise you, Ariana.


3. She Can Rock Any Look

It’s rare to come across someone who literally rocks every look. Ariana Grande slays every where she goes, every look and outfit she goes for. Her signature look, the pony tail we all know and love is a firm fan favourite. But, recently she has decided to go in a different direction and try something new. Her perfect pony is no more. Ariana has opt for a short and simple bob for a recent Instagram post she uploaded. A fan tweeted Ariana in confusion – is the short bob look is here to stay? Which she replies ‘it will come and go’. Phew, I mean, we love the new look Ariana, but don’t forget about your trusty signature pony tail!

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4. Thank You, Next

Ariana Grande is not to be messed with when it comes to boys and break-ups. Her most recent single (aka break-up anthem), is a relatable song to all of us who have once been heart broken (it’s also catchy too). Ariana is a force to be reckoned with, from the dreaded dating game to an extravagant engagement, Ariana has been through it all. Her new song is about learning from your past, from the people that have been in your life. Be grateful for what they have taught you, be grateful for having them be a part of your life, but most importantly, be grateful for yourself – where you have come and who you are. She shows kindness, sophistication and respect, not only for other people, but also for herself. We have an endless amount of admiration for you Ariana, because, well, in her own words, ‘cos that shit’s amazin’.


5. The Ultimate Girl Boss

Ariana’s view on life – her positive outlook and her empowering presence all contribute to her, well, amazingness (it that even a word? Well, we’re using it anyway!) Not only is it her morality, down-to-earth understanding and patience, of people and situations, enough to crown her the woman of this generation. We also have to commend Ariana for her undeniable talent – her singing voice and capability of writing relatable, hit songs. Brains and beauty – what can we say? From her fun personality to her enthusiastic attitude, Ariana Grande has it all.

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