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This Is How To Get The Best Uni Experience Ever

This Is How To Get The Best Uni Experience Ever

The uni experience you have is almost as important as the education itself. Here's what you need to know about university life in order to have some great days to look forward too!

Going to university can be quite a daunting time for some people. For others, they just can’t wait to get there. Everyone experiences it in different ways. So we’re here to help you get the best uni experience ever.

Be open to making new friends

This can be seen as one of the most obvious but it’s also one of the most important. You will need good friends to get you through the next few years at university. Those that will be with you during the all nighters in the library, those that will drag you on nights out you didn’t feel up for and those that will binge watch the latest series of Greys anatomy with you. Friends will definitely have a a big impact on your uni experience.

Take full advantage of freshers week

To have the best uni experience from the start, listen and learn from those who have been through it at freshers weeks. They will take you to the places to have the best nights out, they will break the ice between your new flatmates and will show you how to get home via a take away. So take full advantage of freshers week.


Join a society

This gives you a chance to discover a new hobby or rediscover an old one, as well as meeting new people with similar interests. It can be a sport, a craft or even an apreciation society. There will be one for everyone. Joining a society is like becoming part of a new family that’ll help you have the best time in university.

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Consider studying abroad

In some courses, they allow you the option of studying abroad for year. This can be something super exciting to experience during your university years because there are some amazing places you can discover and live in. From Australia to Spain, New York to China, you could have the opportunity to do some really exciting things.


Enjoy it

But most of all just enjoy the time in university. Take advantage of all the opportunities presented to you, say yes to that night out, try all the different coffee shops to get the right fix and just have a blast. That way you will definitely have the best uni experience.

Are you prepared to have the best uni experience? Let us know in the comment section below!

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