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This Is Exactly What NOT To Do On A First Date

This Is Exactly What NOT To Do On A First Date

Find out what not to on a first date! Check out our advice on what you should never do on your first date! We'll guarantee you'l agree with us!

Dates may seem like the most daunting, nerve-racking experience to some people, and to others, it may merely seem like a walk in the park. However, coming from my personal experience and from binge-watching Channel 4’s ‘First Dates’, I have compiled together a list of what NOT to do on a first date, here is various rules to abide by when going on a date:

1. Turn up late

Rule number 1 and probably my biggest pet peeve … do NOT turn up late. If you are that serious about going on a date, then you should always aim to arrive on time or early (obviously there are some things we just can’t avoid like traffic or a bad eyeliner situation) but you should at least aim to be early. If I get to a date and the guy isn’t there it will stress me out even more, and would probably make a million thoughts run through my head like: am I going to get stood up?? How many more vodka lemonades can I drink before I get too drunk?? All in all, it just leaves a bad impression. A first date should be an example of what someone has to offer for a relationship, and if someone starts the relationship by being late, then what does that have to say for the future? Not a good idea.

2. Wear a t-shirt

Okay, this might be a slightly weird one. But, for me anyway, if a boy turns up to a date in a t-shirt it will immediately put me off. Fair enough if it’s just a coffee or a more casual date like a walk in the park etc. But, for a dinner or drinks date, if I’ve made an effort and worn a dress, I would be very unimpressed if my date turned up in a creased t-shirt. I think the biggest compliment is knowing that someone has made a real effort for you and taken care of their appearance before a date. On ‘Dinner Date’ (another dating programme I love to binge watch), one date arrived in a stained and creased t-shirt which really set the tone for the whole date… a little hint, it was not good.


3. Order spaghetti

Maybe I should have put this at the top of the list… Please, for the love of God, do NOT order spaghetti on a first date (especially one with tomato sauce). It’s just a disaster waiting to happen. Oh, and don’t order spaghetti whilst wearing white jeans – talking from personal experience here.

4. Talk with your mouth full

Carrying on with the food theme here, make sure you maintain some table manners when eating. I know sometimes pre-drinks can make you drunk eat (I do this all the time) but remember, you’re not in the kebab shop now: use your knife and fork, keep your mouth closed, and don’t talk with your mouth full. I know it sounds silly and like common sense, but nothing is more off-putting than trying to flirt with someone who has a mouth full of pizza.

5. What not to do on a first date? Get too drunk

I know this is a hard rule to follow. Trust me. This is another rule that I have also fallen a victim too. I feel like I need to try and follow this list myself! When you’re getting ready for the date just limit yourself to one double, then once you’re there, assess the situation. If you’ve made a bad swipe on Tinder then get extra drinks to calm nerves but if you feel like you can survive without, then save the drinks for later. The last date I went on, I had 7 cocktails and half a bottle of champagne and I honestly don’t even remember getting in the taxi home. Safe to say, we didn’t have a second date.

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But, at the end of the day, there are no strict rules to follow on a first date. If you want to wear a t-shirt, wear a t-shirt, and if you want to turn up 2 hours late, do that – although that really is a bad move. There are also absolutely no rules on what not to do on a first date; as long as you’re comfortable and happy, and have found someone that makes you happy too. That is all that matters!

If you’ve had any embarrassing or funny first date experiences, then please leave them in the comments! Either everyone can sympathise with you or at least we can have a laugh at your expense.


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