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12 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At University Of South Wales

12 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At University Of South Wales

12 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At University Of South Wales

Whether you’re in your first or last year at the University of South Wales, you’ll want to complete this bucket list and make your time at university memorable. The biggest things you’ll regret in life are the things that you didn’t do, not the things you did. Don’t wonder what could have been, try new things, see what happens. Here are 12 things you’ll regret not doing at the University of South Wales.

1. Visit the Freshers events at your campus.

Every campus will have their own events to go to, don’t ignore them! It’s a great way to make new friends and meet people outside of your course. You’ll get to know the campus better and have a few nights you’ll never forget…or never remember if there’s alcohol involved.


2. Eating the chocolate cake at Stilts Food Court!

I honestly can’t stress this enough, try the chocolate cake at Stilts! You won’t regret it. Treat yourself in between studying. Honestly, do it!


3. Visiting the Student Art Shows available.

University of South Wales celebrates creativity. It’s always a good idea to support your fellow students and visit the art shows that are on offer. Most (if not all) of them are usually free and offer a variety of refreshments. From Art and Photography shows to Poetry readings, they’ll always offer a fun night whilst also supporting the work of other students.

4. Definitely visit the Freshers fair.

It’s there every year and is an opportunity to see what’s on offer at your campus. Even if you just go for the free food and goody-bags, there’ll be something worth seeing.


5. Going to the Freshers events in Cardiff.

Not all University of South Wales campuses are in Cardiff, but it is a great place to go for a night out. A lot of the more extravagant events are held there and so it’s a good way to meet more people and have some amazing nights out. No matter which campus you’re based at, Cardiff events will still be popular so don’t regret being left out!


6. Always accept any trips your course offers you.

A lot of courses will offer trips, either abroad or somewhere close to home. Definitely consider going! It’s understandable that money could be a barrier, but otherwise, if you can afford it, then go! A lot of the trips are at the start of the course, encouraging bonding and friendships. Don’t feel left out because you were too scared, it’s more fun than it sounds!

7. Visiting the stress-release puppies!

Every so often, a group of adorable puppies will visit some of the campuses to encourage breaks during studying and to help calm students during times of stress. Follow USW on social media and make sure you’re there when they arrive. You don’t want to miss those bundles of joy!


8. Joining a club or society.

If a club or society catches your eye, definitely apply for it. It’s good to have a hobby during university as it calms you down and helps relieve stress. Don’t neglect your health or get obsessed with studying, you’re allowed a break!

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9. Using Go Wales to find work experience.

Go Wales is an incredibly helpful scheme that aids students in finding work experience and improving their CVs. Just ask at your library for more information. Education isn’t everything, employers also look for experience, so take up any opportunity given to you.

10. Buying a USW jumper.

Show your USW pride! Buy a jumper! You’ll need it during the Winter anyway, so why not? They have some fabulous colours too.


11. Taking part in the Student elections.

Like most voting systems, it only matters if you actually use your vote. If something is bothering you or you feel needs changing, then take part in changing it. There will be a variety of elections throughout the year, so keep an eye out on social media! It’s the best way to ensure a better experience for yourself and future students.

12. Taking part in the pub quizzes available.

It’s honestly a really fun night out and allows you to revise without actually feeling like you are. It’s a great stress reliever and way to connect with your friends inside and outside of the university.


If you’re a USW student then make sure you give these ago. Don’t ignore them and then wonder what could have been when you leave. Be adventurous!

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