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15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At Staffordshire University

15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At Staffordshire University

There are so many things you'll regret not doing at Staffordshire University! Make sure you add all of these to your Staffordshire bucket list!
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Napping and Netflix sounds like the perfect day to all University Students out there, but before you know it you’ll be gradating and thinking ‘Wow, I wish I did more than just eating my own body weight in pasta and marathon Orange is the New Black!’. Fear not fellow Staffordshire University Students, here are 15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At Staffordshire University!

1. Drinking a Yoda at Gobble!

EVERY student at Staffordshire University should experience the alcoholic contraption which is a Yoda! Filled with … the green liquid is the unofficial signature drink of Staffs, just beware too much and you will experience the hangover from hell the next day!



2. Gobble in General!

Are you even a student at Staffs if you’ve not heard of Gobble? Every Wednesday night in the LRV is Gobble night!

You + Your friends + Cheap Alcohol = Amazing drunken memories!


With different themes every week from 80’s to Harry Potter Night, and special guests throughout the year you can’t go wrong! Definitely with prices as low as £3.50!



3. Singing at the Weekly Karaoke.

If crazy drunken nights aren’t really your thing, how about kicking back with a meal and a few drinks at Ember Lounge with your friends and joining in the weekly Karaoke session? (Or just sit back and listen to people murder your favourite songs)

Get yourself down and enjoy the fun from 8pm- Midnight every Tuesday!



4. The Big Fat Quiz!

If you more of the intellectual type and mindless singing and drinking isn’t your cup of tea? Fear not, ever Sunday night is quiz night! Starting at 7pm at Ember Lounge show of your intellectual abilities



5. De-Stressing with Doggies.

Is the stress of university life getting to you? Well, keep your eyes peeled for Staffordshire Universities annual Dog Destress day. Seriously, you’ll kick yourself if you miss this!


6.  Getting every single Freebie on offer.

Every new student knows not to miss any fair the University puts on!


Freebies anyone?

This isn’t just a Staffordshire University exclusive though, if you’re being nosey from an other University make sure you check your fairs out… I doubt they’ll be as good as Staffs though. (Sorry, not sorry)



7.  Joining a Club or a Society.

With so many different clubs and societies out there to join, you’d regret not making the most of it whilst studying.

With groups from Sport teams to creative outlets, not only do you get to further a hobby, it’s a sure fire you’ll make friends with similar passions!



8. Compete in Varsity.

If sports is your passion, Varsity is for you!

With so many university sport teams out on offer at Staffordshire you’d be stupid not to compete at the annual Varsity!

With the high competition between rival, Keele University and Staffs you’d be crazy not to compete! Think of the gloating rights and the big trophy!


Even if you don’t compete, go along and support Staffs you’d regret it if you don’t!


9. Stoke Con Trent

Sports not your thing? Then don’t worry, Stoke Con Trent is for you! (Get it? Stoke CON Trent, punny)


Stoke Con Trent is Staffordshire’s Biggest TV, Film, Comic and Memorabilia annual convention.

So if your a massive movie buff or love comics, you’d regret missing this event!



10. Shopping in Hanley.

Make sure you visit the city centre and get in all the sights which Hanley has to offer, from the Potteries to many different cultural sights you won’t be bored!


11. Student Lock In!

This event is the must in EVERY Staffordshire Universities student diary, the potteries lock in!

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The potteries is the biggest shopping centre in Hanley and every year for one night only, it’s shoppers are only students. This is because they lock them in with the best deals you’ll ever come across!



12. Drinking in Hanley!

Now, after your hard day seeing the sights its time to hit the town!

Hanley has so many different nightclubs you’ll struggle to deicide which to visit.

Pink, Fiction, The Beach, Reflex… The list never ends!



13. All you can eat Pizza.

YES, you read that right! Verve have recently started a Pizza Buffet every Thursday night, from 5-8pm for only £6.50 you can eat AS MUCH PIZZA AS YOU WANT!

You’ll regret your whole University life if you miss this!



14. The battle of the take-aways!

If you’re at Staffordshire University you’ll be aware of the battle between Sweet and Spice and Brunchies, you’ll also be aware there are a lot of people who are very passionate about which is better!

Make sure you try both and compare the two, and find your team!



15. Experience Squeezebox!

Now, if all this talk about takeaways and pizzas is making you want to be sick, don’t worry my health wary friend! The campus smoothie bar will help you get your 5 a day!


Squeeze Box smoothies are a must have!

If you need that pick me up and not about energy drinks, head on over because you’ll regret it if you don’t!


Are there any other things you’ll regret not doing at Staffordshire University? Comment below!
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