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10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re An English Major

10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re An English Major

Being an English major comes with a lot of ups and downs. Here are some things that only people who studied English literature can understand!

There’s nothing like the power of the written word, right? Before university, you were the ultimate bookworm. Immediately declaring that English was your favourite subject to no-one in particular. Yet, at university, being an English Major definitely comes with its fair share of struggles…

Reading, Reading, oh… and more reading.

Isn’t there a saying that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life? I don’t think this applies to English Majors. Reading used to be fun. It used to be an escape. Suddenly we’re drowning in deadlines, and rushing through a book just doesn’t feel the same.



Bringing me to my next point, if you don’t have a gym membership… make sure you sign up for one ASAP. All those anthologies are not for the faint-hearted, and lugging Shakespeare to class will eventually take its toll. Please take my advice, and embrace that upper body strength.

The Library has become both a trigger word for stress… and your second home.

Armed with Starbucks, your laptop… and a look of despair. Realising you’re only 1,000 words into your dissertation is not an enviable feeling. Yet, the collective atmosphere of working in a space with hundreds of fellow stressed out students, feels slightly comforting if nothing else.


No, I haven’t finished it either.

The greatest sentence to hear at university. As an English Major, what better reply could there possibly be?

Taking pictures in class, instead of you know… writing them down.

It’s 2018. Exams are approaching, and I need all the wrist strength I can get. It’s nothing to do with my laziness, honestly.


Google Books is now your best friend.

Once again, time is of the essence. The ease of finding a quote directly related to your essay seems almost too easy. On behalf of all English Literature Majors, thank you Google Books.


Although, if you have forgotten details such as page number, the year it was published, and the author. Be prepared to lose marks. Every English Major, wired from one too many energy drinks has missed out on doing so. Don’t be that person, and note down your references as you go.

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Romanticising… literally anything.

I mean, what can you expect? We’re English Literature majors. It’s practically the same as watching a Romantic Comedy every day. Lured in by the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, or intrigued by the mystery surrounding Jane Eyre. Suddenly, the cashier at McDonald’s becomes a potential knight in shining armour.


Realising your degree encompasses a whole lot more other than English Literature

Where do I begin? History, Art, Science… the list goes on. Get prepared to delve into the context of every novel you’re studying.


Summaries. Who really has the time to read five books in one week?

Case closed. Sometimes the internet is faster and smarter than you are, and sometimes (all of the time), we’re OK with that.

What has your experience as an English major taught you? Lets us know in the comments below!
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