13 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Live In Towers Hall At Loughborough

Living on campus is an essential part to the university experience. Every university has unique housing halls that come with their own quirks and reputation. Towers Hall at Loughborough is no exception. Keep reading for 12 things you’ll only understand if you live in Towers Hall at Loughborough!

1. It has the best views.

With 21 floors, it’s ultimately the skyscraper of campus, meaning you can see the student union, Rigg Rut buildings, and parts of town all from your bedroom. The best part is watching the fireworks display in November from the comfort of your bed.

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2. The lifts never work.

At least one lift is always out of order, and between 300 people, there’s always someone that has to take the stairs.

Aren't the lifts always out of order in Towers Hall at Loughborough?

3. Being the rowdiest hall but with the best hall spirit.

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4. Towers being a 5 minute walk from the union but a 20 minute walk from the library.

This became the biggest academic/social crisis of your life… LOL jk.

5. Weekend brunch after FND.

Waking up to a cooked breakfast after a wild Friday night out reminding you why you chose the catered life.

6. The one cup of juice policy in the canteen that was never enforced.

So you snuck more anyway.

7. Carbs galore!

Potato being your best friend in the dining hall, and Towers having 7 types to be exact.

8. Soul-wrenching fire alarms during freshers.

Which meant walking for miles if you lived above the 7th floor.

9. Only two washing machines out of four ever being functional.

So being scared to leave your clothes in case they were gone when you returned.

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10. Having loads of wardrobe space and a massive desk.

And missing it when you moved into a house and realised you’d been living a life of luxury.

11. Never using the kitchen to cook.

But still getting a warning from the cleaners.

12. Pre-drinks in the foyer.

And having nowhere to sit.

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13. A community that can’t be beat!

Despite its flaws, knowing at the end of the year it was one of the best years of your life!

What has your experience been like living in Towers Hall at Loughborough University? Comment below and share the article!
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