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10 Things You’ll Never Forget Growing Up In Devon, UK

10 Things You’ll Never Forget Growing Up In Devon, UK

There are certain things about growing up in Devon that you'll never forget. Devon is definitely a different way of life, and I love it!

There are certain things about growing up in Devon that you’ll never forget and looking at it, I wouldn’t change. Devon is definitely a different way of life. Most of which you probably need to be from Devon to fully understand the struggles.

1. You Can’t Watch Anything Online

There really isn’t any point trying to watch anything online. You think placing your laptop next to the router will speed up the process, but you’ll spend half the video watching the buffer screen. If there’s more than three devices connected to the internet expect further delays.

2. Can’t Text Or Instant Message Anyone

If the wi-fi’s having a slow day, don’t expect to have signal to call anyone. No service morphs into part of your home screen. You’ll quickly find a windowsill in your house you might strike the GPRS sign (Devon’s version of 4G). The beauty of growing up in Devon is you’ll see your friends when you next bump into them on your weekly Tesco’s trip.


3. Devon and Cornwall Aren’t The Same Place

Don’t even get me started. For any Northerner, first, they offend you by claiming London is the furthest south. And then…they hit you with “Oh I know Devon, it’s in Cornwall. I go there on holiday”.  Well.. you don’t because they are separate places.

4. The Cream Before The Jam

Growing up in Devon, there’s no question the cream acts like your butter and THEN the jam goes on top. A well known Cornish and Devonian divide.

5. Beaches Are Never Too Far Away

I suppose it’s one of the many wonders about growing up in Devon, a stunning beach is only a short drive away. Devon has some of the most picturesque seascapes and plenty of places to walk the dog that every family indefinitely owns.


6. Sunday’s Are A Ghost Town

There’s no point even trying to do anything on a Sunday in town. Half the high street is closed and the other half are gone by 4pm. If you haven’t picked up your last roast dinner essentials by early afternoon you’ve ruined the entire week for the family.

7. We Live For a Saturday Night But Getting Home Takes Months Of Planning

Of course, an obligatory Timepiece meet-up is the highlight of the week. But don’t get too excited until your mission home is sorted. All public transport stops at 11:30pm, and I’m not even considering a £50 taxi. So it’s time to put up a Snapchat story to see who’s on the lifts this week.

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8. Public and Private School Feuds

Growing up in Devon there will always be a crater division between private and public. Because, of course, the school you attended is the be-all and end-all of the person you are and will become. For sure every parent and child low-key judge you because of it.

9. Nobody Knows Where You Live

Living in Devon, a postcode is never a good way to give someone directions to your house. Firstly, you’ll lose signal before you’ve gotten in the car. Secondly, your sat nav won’t even locate a house, it will inevitably start wondering into thin air. In Devon, we use a good old pen and paper and draw the lanes.

10. The Political Views Seem To Come from the 1830s

If you dare to bring up politics to a local country bumpkin, be prepared for some racial slur. Stepping into Devon is like stepping back in time. The untouched land from the real world. Politics is a one way street to a conservative minefield.


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