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20 Things You Wouldn’t Think To Bring To Uni

20 Things You Wouldn’t Think To Bring To Uni

20 Things You Wouldn’t Think To Bring To Uni

Going to university can be an exciting time; the prospect of a new town, new friends and endless possibilities. Whilst you spend ages thinking about what you are going to bring to uni- such as clothes and books- you get so caught up in the tornado of anticipation that you forget about all the less obvious things you may need. So without further ado, here is my list of the top 20 things you wouldn’t think to bring to uni!

1. Fancy dress

When you arrive there are bound to be multiple fancy dress parties for you to attend, and you’re definitely going to need that pair of fairy wings from year 8 you’d never thought you’d use again, or that 80’s retro gear you wore for a themed birthday party way back when. Bring EVERYTHING.

2. Non-stick pizza tray

Believe me, this spherical instrument sent straight from heaven will save your life if you are in self-catered halls. Most oven dishes are rectangular and that is no help when you are onto your third frozen pizza of the week and you start to receive passive aggressive notes about how much of a mess there is in the oven. Invest in this bad boy and don’t forget the pizza cutter that goes with it!


3. A door stop

Unsurprisingly, everyone is in the same boat as you when starting out as a fresher, and to become the social butterfly of the flat, you are going to need a doorstop. It’s like a wordless invitation to start a conversation and means that people won’t forget you exist, especially when everyone wants to go off and do fun things- like watch reruns of TVD (The Vampire Diaries).


4. Flip-flops

Flip-flops are an essential and definitely one of the things you wouldn’t think to bring to uni, (not to mention a Loughborough student tradition) whether you are sharing a bathroom with 11 other people or running late to lectures in your favourite tracksuit- you are going to want to bring a pair. Also, flip-flops are handy if you decide to go swimming at some point over the course of your three years at Loughborough, and knowing how sporty everyone is, you will be tempted.


5. Cough medicine

Fresher’s flu. You will get it, and you will feel like death. Arm yourself accordingly.

6. Febreze!

Need I say more.

7. Mini vacuum

You’ll find the one provided by your accommodation has been stolen, is broken, or is filled with alcohol. Cleanliness is your friend.


8. Cork screw/bottle opener

Imagine the disappointment you’ll feel when you can’t open that bottle of wine or beer you’ve been waiting for all week. It’s definitely one of the things you wouldn’t think to bring to uni. But now you know, so please, don’t do that to yourself.

9. An extension lead

You want to be sure you can use all your appliances at once. There might not be that many plugs in your room, so don’t leave yourself short.

10. An alarm clock

Your phone won’t suffice. An alarm clock will ensure you get up for that all-important 9 am lecture after a crazy night out when you forget to recharge your mobile.


11. Student planner

With so much to remember when you first arrive; lectures and seminars, due assignments, the next fresher event, you will need somewhere to write it all down. Look no further than the Palgrave Student Planner to keep your life in order!



12. A hard drive

Claiming “my computer crashed and my work didn’t save” isn’t going to cut it anymore, the deadline is the deadline, so make sure you get one to bring to uni and keep everything on it.

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13. Mini toolkit

You never know when a mini screwdriver will come in handy; if your vanity mirror becomes loose or you need to fix a broken door handle (which will probably happen) you will be thankful that you thought to bring one.


14. A torch

A torch will be useful if there’s ever a power cut; good to have just in case.

15. Fairy lights

Everyone knows halls can look like prison cells if not decorated and made to feel homely. Kit yours out with some fairy lights and it won’t feel as scary!

16. A sewing kit

For all those inevitable tears whilst out and about, don’t forget a sewing kit to bring to uni! Alternatively, it might save you if you have to create your own costume!


17. A wallet phone case!

Good for keeping your student ID and money together so you only have one item to keep an eye on. Also really sturdy if you drop your phone, which will happen… (and leads me on to my next point)…


For your valuables, bike, laptop and phone. You should be able to get great student deals for this and it is definitely worth it to bring to uni.

19. Mini fridge

The fridge can get pretty gross at times, so you might want to keep things like milk away from all of that…also if you don’t want people stealing your nibbles, I suggest you keep your snacks in your own fridge.


20. Clothes rack

Save money by drying your clothes on a rack instead of using all of your loose change on the campus dryer. Trust me, those coins add up and you’re going to need them!

What are some other things you wouldn’t think to bring to uni? Share in the comments!

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