10 Things You Shouldn’t Do Your First Year At Uni

As a second year of final year university student, you often find yourself imagining how things would be if only you had taken better care of your finances or not spent so much time partying. Luckily for you, here is a list of thing you should absolutely NOT do your first year at uni.

Sometimes, when we look back in time, we wish we had done things differently. As a second year of final year university student, you often find yourself imagining how things would be if only you had taken better care of your finances or not spent so much time partying. Luckily for you, here is a list of thing you should absolutely NOT do your first year at uni. Read it carefully and hopefully, your future won’t have to suffer!

1. Make living arrangements with the first people you meet

No one wants a friendless university experience, so it’s normal to get attached to the first person you meet. It’s also quite normal to start discussing your living options for the second year, as no one wants to be homeless after leaving students halls. And, although many wonderful friendships are made within the first few weeks, you might find you didn’t have a lot in common with the person or group people you agreed to share a house with. That’s why you should not rush to start choosing your future accommodation during your first term, give it time and choose wisely!

2. Buy brand new books

There is nothing wrong with being an eager student; often we want to start on the right track and the best way to do it is by buying your entire reading list brand new. You will find that your university’s library is well stocked with key text. What’s more, you can find second-hand versions online or at charity shops which cost two or three times less than the brand new copies.


3. Join every society or club that tickles your fancy

Dancing, literature and culture clubs, also rock, films and even Harry Potter societies, uni has something for everyone. So it’s understandable that you might find yourself scribbling your name down at every stall during your freshers fair. This can be very time-consuming and costly in joining fees. You might want to go for something that really interests you and that is worth your time, so as not to find yourself wanting to quit after a couple of weeks. Use your first year at uni to figure out your student life and work balance.

4. Attending every single freshers’ event

Go hard or go home,#yolo, that is what the Freshers week is about. Branded as one of the most exciting and memorable weeks of your life, freshers is the initiation ritual to your new university life. It’s tempting to attend every single event. And yet, going on a freshers rampage can leave you cashless for weeks and make you ill with the infamous “freshers flu”. Just try to select the most appealing events and don’t forget you will have more opportunities for partying throughout the year. It’s your first year at uni, you have plenty of time!

5. Not signing up for your doctor’s surgery

Maybe you rarely get ill or maybe you just don’t have the time, still busy settling down in a new town. But, it is a tough experience getting sick for the first time with no family around, and not being registered with your local GP can make things worse not being able to get medical attention when you need it most. The best thing to do is sign up for a surgery as soon as possible, and when in doubt about the process, you can always check your uni’s website.


6. Leave the dishes “for later”

A common sense thing, but it happens. You claim to be the tidiest person on earth, and when you least expect it, you’ve got mountains of dirty dishes and a clogged sink. This can be avoided by simply washing your plate as soon as you’re done with it, no matter how annoying it can be. This will prevent pests and frightening sights.

7. Survive by eating takeaways

Cooking can be tedious, and when you are lacking culinary skills it might tempting to try just any takeaway or fast food restaurant your city has to offer. If you’re looking to save some serious pounds, you can consider watching a couple of youtube tutorials and try out basic recipes.

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8. Never ringing home

Conflicting schedules, summed to your wish to immerse yourself in your new university life, complicate staying in touch with your folks back home. They could be missing you or waiting for an update for you. The best thing to do is staying in touch regularly, even via text, to avoid homesickness and awkwardness next time you are short of money and in need of a hand.

9. Waiting too long to get a part-time job

You could be enjoying your maintenance loans or your monthly allowance, but because life is unpredictable and expensive, this won’t last forever. By the end of the term you could be struggling and this can be easily prevented. Universities host jobs fairs around freshers week and there will be plenty of businesses looking for new staff to hire. Don’t postpone your search and start navigating through all options! Take advantage of all that your first year at uni has to offer!

10. Forget about budgeting

Students complain about money all the time for a reason. As semi-adults, we are by our own for the first time and understand things are not cheap by any means. A good start to your budgeting life is not to spend your student loan on things that aren’t as important as your education. From there, you can easily build a budgeting plan with cool apps such as Wally, and websites such as Save The Student. 

What do you think of these things you shouldn’t do your first year at uni? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!
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