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5 Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Weight Loss Journey

5 Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Weight Loss Journey

If you just started your weight loss journey then this article is for you! These are 5 essential things that no one told you before, check it out!

Are you thinking about starting your weight loss journey? It seems to be hard to achieve your goal since this is the i-don’t-know-what-time-it-is that you started to do so. Maybe because you haven’t known about these five basic tips! Check out these 5 things you should know before starting your weight loss journey!

Rule Number 1: Do Not Make It A Torture

When talking about your weight loss journey, there are so many methods that you have read, like the low-carb diet, the watermelon diet, the GM diet, etc. Maybe it actually works? We don’t know, unless you really enjoy it, which I know most of you don’t. So, why not trying something that you like?

Diet is all about eating healthy, all you need is to cut back the sugar that you put in your body, eat more green and drink more water. There are tons of delicious salad recipes that look absolutely AMAZING online, just with a little bit of time, you can surely try out. But remember, if you don’t like something, don’t need to force yourself to eat it, find a substitute. For example, I like mushroom, broccoli, and corn, but I hate tomato and cucumber. So, why even bother eating those tho?


Rule Number 2: Eat well, remember the in and out rule

The second rule you need to remember before starting your weight loss journey is the in and out rule. It’s simple: the calories in must be less than the calories out! You don’t have to count your calories every single meal. Just eat moderately. If you like to drink boba tea and drink it every week, then now cutting back to once per fortnight. Learn about food, learning what is good for your body, what is not, and treat it like your best friends.

You don’t need to exercise crazily every single day if you don’t want to, just need to remember the rule and cut back all of the unhealthy food.

Rule Number 3: Do Not Rush

The third rule you need to keep in might before starting your weight loss journey is do not rush! Have you read all of those transformation stories? It takes time for everyone to lose like, I don’t know, 40-60-80 pounds! A healthy weight loss journey surely will take you a lot of time, but be patient!


If there is any weight loss method makes you lose weight 20 pounds in 7 days then it’s surely unhealthy and you need to stay away from that!

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Rule Number 4: 80% Of Your Weight Loss Journey Is In The Kitchen

Another mistake that every weight loss starter makes is that you think as long as you exercise in extreme then it would totally be fine to eat anything. IT’S WRONG! 80% of your weight loss journey is in the kitchen! So make sure to eat healthily and really study your food! Choose the best diet for your body.


Rule 5: Exercise, But Not Really Exercise

I know a lot of people give up their weight loss journey when it comes to exercise. But do you know if you make it a habit in 6 months then there is a high chance that you cannot go back? That’s right! Just start exercising slowly and approach it with bay steps: you can walk to work if it’s close!

After getting your body used to the exercise time, you can increase a little bit. You can participate in any kind of sport that you enjoy: badminton, volleyball, dancing, etc. Choose the one that you feel the most connected to and enjoy it!

Start with these 5 tips in your weight loss journey this time and I’m sure you can achieve your desired weight!

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