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7 Things To Know Before Going To University

7 Things To Know Before Going To University

Here are all the things to know before going to University that will help you survive those years of schooling! It can be intimidating to leave your parents place, but these tips should help!

Heading off to university isn’t the easiest thing for everyone, some people find the transition harder than others. There are some things to know before going to University!

Get to know YOUR new area

Familiarise yourself with the place that you’ll be moving to, as this will be your home for the majority of the academic year. If you don’t like the location,  you’ll want to know sooner rather than later. Moving from a fast-paced city like London to a slow-paced environment is a big change, and will take some adjusting to. Even if you’re not leaving home to move and just commuting, it’s still important to get to know the area.


It is completely normal to get homesick, sometimes you’ll find yourself in a mood and you won’t understand why. It’s probably because you’re homesick, so call home and keep in touch with family whilst you’re away if you’re staying in accommodation.


Leave your door open

When you’re moved in, one of the easiest ways to start to know people is to leave your door open. Once everyone starts to move into halls it’s easier to meet people as they move in when your door is left open. Having an open door policy helps open up the space and allows room for conversation, it also shows that’s you’re open to meeting new people!

Know YOUR course

You’ve chosen your subject and you’ve read up on the modules and hopefully, you what you’re studying as each course place a major part in how your year will go. It’s best to study something that you’re interested in and that you enjoy. This is one of the best things to know before going to University!

Finance – BUDGET!

You’re on your own now. So, BUDGET! Your student loan only goes so far to cover maintenance. Don’t be overzealous with your money, you are on a budget and your student overdraft is not your money and shouldn’t be used as though it is.

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Ask for Student Discount ALWAYS

One of the best things to know before going to University is that you’re a student, meaning wherever you go you should ask for student discount. You don’t know until you try. The more discounts you can get, the more you will save and be able to put elsewhere.

Be Curious NOT judgemental

You’re going to a new area and you will meet a lot of different people from all over the world. Be curious. You all come from different cultures and backgrounds, learn more. Let your curiosity drive you to become the critical thinker that you are.


Do these things to know before going to University help you? Let us know in the comment section below!

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