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7 Things You Should Bring For Freshers Week But Might Have Forgotten

7 Things You Should Bring For Freshers Week But Might Have Forgotten

Freshers week is a crazy time. The start of your new life is a constant cycle of socialising, partying, unpacking and pot noodle. It’s great but it’s also no wonder that amongst all the anticipation there is a ton of things that you forgot to pack or maybe didn’t even consider in the first place. So we have compiled this list of things that freshers commonly forget but definitely need. They’re probably lying around your house already but have you packed all of them?

1. Alcohol

For the majority of students, partying is a major attraction of freshers week and alcohol often plays a significant role. Even so, tonnes of students forget to bring alcohol with them to freshers week. Of course, you can buy it when you arrive, but even the first night of uni can involve organising gatherings in your kitchen to get to know new people.

If your vodka is packed safely in your bag already, don’t forget that you need something to drink it from. Shot glasses and disposable cups are a necessity for any freshers week party and if you happen to have some at your disposal then you’ll be everyone’s hero.


2. Playing Cards

Living with people you don’t know is one of the most daunting aspects of freshers week, but its also a great opportunity to make some friends. So, when you need an ice breaker, playing cards are a student must-have. Whether you use them for a drinking game or for entertainment while sober, you’ll be glad that you packed them.

There’s no need to stop with playing cards. Cards against humanity is another great ice breaker and staple of freshers week bonding.

*7 Things You Should Bring For Freshers Week But Might Have Forgotten


3. Fancy Dress

This one may seem odd but having a fancy dress costume will definitely come in handy in freshers week and beyond. Lots of parties involve wearing costumes and if you already have one then you can save yourself some money.

If you’re not really into wearing costumes, then face paint is a good alternative. You can also share face paint and come to the rescue of your unprepared housemates before your night out.

4. Home Comforts

When packing for uni it can be easy to focus on the practical things, but remember that your dorm room is like a blank slate and you’ll want to fill it with things to make it feel like home. Blankets, rugs and extra cushions can be great for making it feel cosier and ensure that it is a space you’ll want to come back to at the end of a long day.


While it’s normal and nothing to worry about, everyone gets homesick at some point. A good way to combat it is to make sure that you have photos of your friends, family, and pets all around you. Bring your teddy bear too. You may think that uni is a time of growing up and that you should leave cuddly toys behind but you’ll find that most people have at least one in their room.

*7 Things You Should Bring For Freshers Week But Might Have Forgotten

5. Practical Stuff (Extender Cables)

If you’ve looked around dorm rooms before then you’ll know that they all have a pretty similar layout and it’s a layout that doesn’t work for everyone. Plug sockets are not always in the most practical places. Maybe you need your hairdryer over by the mirror or want to sit on your bed with your laptop.

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The best thing to do is to bring an extender cable when you move in during freshers week. That way, from day one, you won’t have issues with strange dorm room layouts and short cables.

6. Coat Hangers

If there is one thing that everyone forgets to bring on move-in day it is coat hangers. Some people expect them to be there already but at most unis this isn’t the case. It can be really awkward unpacking and settling in for freshers week when you can’t put your clothes away. No one wants to live out of a suitcase.


Another useful thing to get is under bed storage for clothes. The drawers that come with the room are never enough so big crates or boxes that you can slide in and out from under your bed will be really useful.

*7 Things You Should Bring For Freshers Week But Might Have Forgotten

7. Rubbish Bins and Laundry Baskets

These ones are super boring but that means that you might not have thought about them. Rubbish bins for your bedroom are important if you want to keep your room tidy, especially in freshers week when you’re unpacking everything.


You’ll also want a laundry basket so you don’t have clothes piling up in your room. Although you might not need to wash them as soon as the end of freshers week, you’ll definitely need t make sure that the basket is something you can carry over to the laundry room.

What are other tips about freshers week? Let us know in the comments below!

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