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10 Things About Wolverhampton You Probably Did Not Already Know

10 Things About Wolverhampton You Probably Did Not Already Know

You want to find out more about your university? Well, here are 10 things about Wolverhampton you probably did not already know!

Hello wonderful Wolverhampton Uni students! You are most likely reading this because you want to find out more about your University, right? The University has so many interesting facts and figures, you’ll probably be shocked! Our Uni has a long history and therefore, a long story to be shared with you lucky readers!  Well, you’re in for a treat! So get your popcorn ready and let’s begin the countdown to the most interesting things about Wolverhampton University!

1. The university has seven academic schools/faculties and over 380 undergraduate and postgraduate courses!

Well that’s not a surprise! Our university is one of the biggest with 4 operating campuses in the UK! This might continue to grow for the future too and offer more students with a chance at education. Cool!


2. In October 2005 Professor Caroline Gipps became Vice-Chancellor – the university’s first female professor to become one.

This was a huge breakthrough for women and influenced the future dynamics of the university. Without the influence of a female being in control of or education system, who knows what our university would have been like today?


3. A £45 million investment in City Campus was announced in December 2012, including a new business school building!

Yes, the University is quite an expensive build! That helps us students with education, and all the facilities it offers, including computers, lecture theatres, eating places and places for a nice social gathering. The university definitely comes with the whole package and it’s all worth it!


4. In June 2008 the university gained official Fair-trade status!

Well, I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed this, but everything the canteen and other places, such as Starbucks offers is actually all Fair-trade branded. The University also holds a Fair-trade fortnight every year, so we can all raise money for the great cause!

5. The MX building was opened by Sarah Brown who was the wife of the prime minster, Gordon Brown.

This is a really interesting fact. I mean who would have thought OUR University would be prioritized by the Prime minister’s wife of Britain! It just shows how important our University is and how much we should all be proud of being part of it!


6. In May 2016, the university was awarded ‘Business of the Year’ at the Express & Star Business Awards.

This just shows that Wolverhampton University is good at what it does, including providing us with great degrees and also helping the economy thrive! Who would have thought, ey?

7. There are a total of 50 societies all run by students.

As we know, the social side of University is all about societies. But who would have thought there are so many! This just gives a new scope for students to join anything that interests them and you could even start your own! This number may continue to expand, but it just shows how talented us students can be!


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8. The university offers over 1600 places in Halls of Residence across three campuses, including over 1000 rooms with en-suite facilities.

The University has a large cultural diversity, with many students who may be international or not local to Wolverhampton at all! All these lucky people are accommodated and taken good care by us! Students who live out all have positive stories to share, and it definitely increases many skills!



9.The £26 million Millennium City Building – opened in 2003, provides over 10,000 square metres of teaching space, audio-visual equipment in all rooms, 300-seat lecture theatre, exhibition gallery, campus restaurant, and an informal Social Learning Space.

This is a fairly new building and has added to the overall beauty of Wolverhampton city campus. By looking at these figures, you realise how big our University actually is.  As a student there myself, I definitely feel a sense of pride being part of the University.


10. An example of alumni that has strong links with the University is former professional cricketer: David Carruthers.

Well, those of you who love your sports you may know who this is. It’s quite amazing to know that our University has benefited so many people, and it shows people can have potential. Our large range of other famous alumni definitely reflects in our slogan ‘’The University of opportunity’’.

That’s the end of the list! There are many more facts you can read about, but I selected the best 10 for you! I hope you have a better insight of how amazing our Uni is! For now, good luck in your studying and exams!

Do you have any more interesting things about Wolverhampton to share? Let us know in the comments below!
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