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10 Things You Only Understand If You Go To University Of Kent, Canterbury

10 Things You Only Understand If You Go To University Of Kent, Canterbury

If you go to the University of Kent, you will absolutely understand these 10 things. Love it or hate it, we can all bond over this common ground.

If you go to the University of Kent, you will absolutely understand these 10 things. Love it or hate it, we can all bond over this common ground.

‘Not that one, the other one.’

When you tell people, you go to university in Canterbury they often assume you mean Canterbury Christ Church; thus, ‘University of Kent, not Christ Church’ becomes your new catchphrase. CCCU, our sometimes-friends-sometimes-rivals, are so close you can see them from Campus, but to say we’re ‘basically the same’ would be as popular an opinion as equating Manchester City to Manchester United. We are University of Kent.

Journey to the Centre of Campus.

Although realistically you can arrive anywhere on campus in under 10 minutes, you often turn up bright red, breathless, mumbling excuses about never ending hills. Anyone not based in the Rutherford or Eliot buildings will say that the story that they were designed by a prison architect is a myth; however, anyone who has ever attempted to find the Peter Bird room will know that this is definitely true. Grab a map at Reception, or don’t expect to emerge for another 3 days. Got a seminar in Darwin Tower? Be prepared to sweat as you walk up 6 flights of stairs (You can take the lift, but only to Level 2). The view of Canterbury from Eliot footpath is stunning, but you’re probably too close to fainting from to notice.


Essentials: Heaven on Earth

Whether you need a snack between lectures, finished an assignment at 4am and have a craving for cheese, or ran out of milk for your hangover coffee, the neon lights of Essentials are a beacon of hope. The prices are also extortionate, so beware the likely possibility of spending a majority of your loan on indulging these cravings.

Everyday safari

Take this from someone who has literally tripped over a duck, a trip through campus is a veritable safari. I hope you like rabbits, because there’s probably three of them for every student. You’re likely to catch these bundles of fluff early in the morning or at dusk, or you can visit our mascot, the Kent Bunny (though he is arguably less cute, more creepy). The campus ducks don’t limit themselves to Keynes Duck Pond, they like to wander and demand food. As will the seagulls (which are sometimes more like small wolves than birds). You’re constantly on the lookout for Gandalf, the campus cat, who wanders the Darwin moors,. He never seems to be in his little house.

Your new home

You’ve probably spent more time at Templeman Library, than your actual accommodation. The endless shelves give off major Beauty and the Beast vibes and there’s no feeling like finding your favourite work space free; although you’re not opposed to sitting on the floor when there’s no space. Despite spending a majority of your time there, you still take that dodgy left turn which means a seven-minute walk to get to the café. The library is the perfect place for casual studying with friends, but when exam time rolls round you’re grateful for the 24 hours opening times and study booths which give you privacy to revise and freak out when Eduroam disconnects again.


Diagon Alley in Canterbury

With its cobbles streets and 16th century buildings, Canterbury High Street bears a heavy resemblance to Diagon Alley. Ollivanders may be missing, but all the major shops are there. I would go to University of Kent just for this. There are also many hidden gems (catch you at the Fudge Kitchen). Because of the Cathedral, museums and an abundance of pubs (there are rumoured to be 366), are crazy on weekends. You’ll find yourself  surrounded by tourists, who always seem to be slow until they’re rushing to buy University of Oxford shirts. Meanwhile, just as true Brazilians never visit the Cristo, you probably won’t make it to the cathedral till your second year.


Like most uni nightclubs, Venue is best enjoyed when inebriated. You’ll complain about the queues, sticky floors and expensive drinks (that’s what pres are for). But it’s the best and easiest option when you need to cut loose after a long week (Also, Reggaetón Night is never not fun).

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We are European

Brexit jokes aside, you can’t help being proud of the University’s ‘We are European’ mantra. It’s exciting to be surrounded by so many accents and languages, and to leave university with friends from all over the globe (and an appreciation for authentic international food).

Clubs, and societies, and teams – oh my!

As well as the usual subject clubs and sports teams, UKC has a plethora of weird and wonderful societies. From the political to the religious, Pole Fitness to Psychedelics, Dance to Doctor Who, there’s something for everyone. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and likely that you’ll only get involved with a few societies (but you’ll continue to receive emails about the Greek Society you signed up to). This array of organisations means there’s always something going on and you’ve seen some crazy stuff at the Plaza. You’ll quickly learn to avoid the barrage of leafleteers and guilt-mongers with buckets- Head down and eyes forward! You don’t need any more leaflets.

Famous Faces

You will hear lecturers or student tour guides listing UKC’s famous alumni which include Ellie Goulding, Shiulie Ghosh, and Alan Davies. Literature professors especially like to mention Nobel Prize winner Kazuo Ishiguro and Cloud Atlas author David Mitchell. Literature students are more likely to mention Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James. You love to complain about the weekly fire drills and heavy doors. But it’s all part of joining the UKC family.

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