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20 Things You Need To Eat In Birmingham Before You Die (Or Graduate)

20 Things You Need To Eat In Birmingham Before You Die (Or Graduate)

Anyone who’s been to Birmingham will know it is a city with an amazing variety of food places. So here is a list of things you need to eat in Birmingham!

Anyone who’s been to Birmingham will know it is a city with an amazing variety of food places. So here is a list of things you need to eat in Birmingham to get you started on your food adventure. Happy eating!

1. Cereal Killer Café

This recently opened in Birmingham and is the perfect place for cereal lovers. There are cereals from all over the world on offer as well as flavoured milks such as mint, salted caramel and chocolate cookie. If you’d prefer to try lots of different cereals at once, the cocktails will be your best bet; personally I’d recommend the mint choc cHipster. The many combinations of cereals and milks to choose from ensures you will find something to love. Also in case you’re tired of chairs, there are beds for you to sit on whilst you enjoy your cereal creation. The 90’s atmosphere certainly adds to the fun and unique experience of eating here.

2. Not Dogs

A small place on Link Street, Bullring which caters for vegetarians and vegans. But don’t worry meat eaters, their food will give you a pleasant surprise! This restaurant only opened a few months ago, but already it is has received a lot of praise. ‘The Ticklish Tikka Dog’ is especially tasty and an ideal dish to try on your first visit here.


3. The High Field

This is a pub located in a quiet area of Edgbaston, not only is it a lovely place to enjoy a hearty meal but their sticky toffee pudding is amazing. But be warned, this tasty dessert is only available during the autumn and winter, so make sure to get down there during the cold months!

4. Gas Street Social

If you’re looking for a rich chocolate brownie then the Gas Street Social is the place to be. Located in The Mailbox, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a decadent dessert whilst overlooking the canal. Your brownie will come complete with a small jug of melted chocolate, raspberries and a dollop of cream.

5. Sushi Passion

Located in the beautiful Great Western Arcade, Sushi Passion is a small place with big flavour. The teriyaki set is a dish to try which everyone will enjoy. In the teriyaki set there are 8 teriyaki urmaki rolls, 6 spice salmon urmaki rolls, 6 salmon maki’s and 2 salmon nigri’s.



6. Piccolino

Piccolino in Brindleyplace is the perfect place for a lazy Sunday roast, possibly followed by a long walk or a nap (or both). Beef, chicken and lamb are on offer along with your standard roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy. I love and roast dinner with chicken, and the chicken at Piccolinos did not disappoint. It was flavoured with just the right amount of lemon and rosemary, making it a pleasure to eat.

7. Chaophraya

Despite being slightly pricey, this restaurant is a must for all lovers of thai food. Chaophraya is in central Birmingham just near the back of the Bullring, and home to the mouthwatering pad thai and their green curry. The food here will be worth every penny!


8. Pushkar

Broad Street is widely known for its pubs and clubs, but did you know Pushkar is an award winning restaurant standing proudly near the end of Broad Street? Similarly to Chaophraya, the bill may not be overly kind to your bank account but the food is worth it. The Anglo-Indian roast duck is something all meat lovers should try and if duck doesn’t sound appealing, the khara masala ka gosht is a lamb dish guaranteed to satisfy those taste buds.

9. Cherry Reds

Sometimes it can be hard for vegetarians to find nice, fulfilling dishes. However, Cherry Reds’ menu is ideal for vegetarians, making sure they can find something they love. The falafel, halloumi and roast vegetable burger is by far one of the best dishes on the menu. It is packed with mouthwatering flavours and fillings along with a small side of wedges.

10. The Button Factory

This is a fairly new place, minimally furnished with a beautiful roof top terrace overlooking the Jewellery Quarter. Their three course Bottomless Brunch every Saturday is one not to be missed! There is something for everyone, from buttermilk pancakes with smoked bacon and maple syrup to summer fruits, elderflower & prosecco jelly with vanilla ice cream. If you’re looking to treat yourself this Saturday then the Bottomless Brunch and The Button Factory is the perfect place to be. If the Bottomless Brunch doesn’t seem like your thing, then the roof top terrace is a great place to meet some friends for cocktails.


11. Yorks Bakery Café

For all you avocado lovers out there, this dish is perfect for you! The avocado and feta smash on sourdough is a tasty, refreshing meal for those who would prefer to have something a little less heavy. Yorks is on Stephenson Street (just by New Street Station) making it the perfect place to have a bite to eat before setting off on a long journey.

12. The Rose Villa Tavern

The Rose Villa Tavern is the place for the ultimate comfort food. Their Classic American Diner Menu will help you through any exam stress! The classic house burger is probably your safest and best option, it’s packed full of flavour without being too greasy. You also get a large portion of chips with it, what’s not to love?

13. Handmade Burger Co

Whilst we’re on the subject of burgers, the Handmade Burger Co has a range of burgers which caters for people of all ages and backgrounds. I personally love the cajun chicken burger with a side of rosemary salt chips. But if that doesn’t sound very tasty to you then there’s plenty more option for example, the thai vegetable burger , brie and cranberry chicken burger and the avocado and bacon beef burger. But keep in mind one side of chips is plenty for two people (unless you’re super hungry)!


14. Bodega

Bodega serves South-American food and their ceviche salad is definitely worth a try. It consists of sea bass, pomegranate seeds and fresh chillies, this may sounds like a strange concoction but it tastes a lot better than it sounds!

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15. The Stable

The Stable is a place renowned for its pies, pizza and cider. The Bournville Bantam is the pizza I usually go for; the combination of chicken with roasted peppers and mozzarella is something I’ve always adored. Plus the pizza has a wonderfully thin and crispy base, making it less stodgy to digest.



16. Nosh and Quaff

Situated on Birmingham’s busy Colmore Row, this quirky place is known for good food and big portions. The Big Apple Dog is certainly a very filling dish for the price and I did have troubles finishing it, but nevertheless it was delicious and something I would go back and have again. I have heard great things about their lobster but the idea of eating lobster unnerves me, so why don’t you go check it out and tell me how it was eh?

17. Del Villagio

Located on Broad Street near PRYZM, the Italian restaurant serves quality food at decent prices. The cannelloni was certainly better than I thought it would be, it was a filling vegetarian dish with plenty of flavour. However, I do wish Del Villagio would put more vegetarian dishes on the menu as there seems to be a very limited choice for those who don’t eat meat.


18. Fallen Angel

The Fallen Angel bakery on the Harborne High Street is the perfect quaint place to satisfy your sweet tooth. Although it is hard to choose from so many cakes, I would highly recommend the marble cake. It is not too heavy or chocolatey, plus if you really love Fallen Angel you can even have afternoon tea there.

19. Rofuto

Rofuto is a Japanese restaurant in the Park Regis Hotel on Broad Street, so as you can tell this is a posh place. But don’t let the class of this restaurant put you off; the sesame chicken yakitori is perfect and when it’s followed by the chocolate fondant for dessert this will quite possibly be the highlight of your day (well it was for me).

20. Ju Ju’s Café

In Canal Sqaure, there is a small café called Ju Ju’s specialising in making the best British comfort food possible. Their fish and chips are the best fish and chips I have tasted so far, the fish is easily cut along with a crispy batter that’s not laden with oil. The chips are wonderfully thick and soft, then to top it all off the dish is served a newspaper to add that authentic British touch.

What are your favorite things to eat in Birmingham? Share in the comments below!
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