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6 Things You Must Do When You Visit The Dominican Republic

6 Things You Must Do When You Visit The Dominican Republic

6 Things You Must Do When You Visit The Dominican Republic

If you plan to visit the Dominican Republic, you must know that apart from the luxury hotels in Punta Cana and Bavaro there’s also beautiful beaches, outstanding nature, and a rich culture, there are so many attractions to cater to any type of interest, from water sports in white sand beaches or camping in the mountains to having a luxurious night out in the city.

Please don’t get me wrong! I love Punta Cana and Bavaro but most of the people that visit the Dominican Republic for the first time go to that East side of the country and do not go out of their resort until is time to fly back home. By the time they’ve returned, the only thing they know as the Dominican Republic is… Punta Cana and Bavaro.

The Dominican Republic is one of the most visited islands in the Caribbean. The possibilities of things to do here are endless whether you want to find some spiritual and mental balance in a secluded place around palm trees to hiking, exploring, canoeing or kayaking. You name it!


1. Find yourself in Cabarete

Yes, you read it right! Find yourself in Cabarete. Cabarete is one of those places you must go to when you visit the Dominican Republic. The relaxed free-spirited atmosphere you breathe in here is indescribable, no matter how crowded it can get and how much activity there seems to be.

There is something in the air that attracts you like a magnet and makes you want to stay forever in paradise. Whether you want to wake up early in the morning to do your yoga stretches right in front of the sea, spend the day trying beach lined restaurants or a crazy night out dancing your socks off, Cabarete is the best destination to find yourself or simply add some mind-body-spirit balance to your life.

2. Fine Dining In Santo Domingo

One thing not to miss when you visit the Dominican Republic is having a delicious meal in a fine dining restaurant. The Dominican Republic was officially named in 2017 as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean.


The mix of Spanish, Taino-indigenous and African culture can be seen and tasted in the preparation, presentation, and style of delightful dishes. From high-end French and European dishes to high-concept Dominican and International. Here you can have a taste of cuisines from all over the world!

3. Jump off the 27 waterfalls of Damajagua

This is one of the coolest things to do when you visit The Dominican Republic! Imagine a hiking experience through the forest, crossing various beautiful landscapes before getting to the hilltop, where you’ll have to make your way down by either jumping or sliding down a series of waterfalls.

These waterfalls are surrounded by mysterious caves and tropical rainforest. Great option if you are looking for some adrenaline rush and got an adventurous soul.


4. Visit The Colonial City

Enjoy a relaxed walk during the day or a delightful night at The Colonial City of Santo Domingo. Being a UNESCO world heritage site, this city was founded in 1,400 and its surrounded by 16th-century ruins and historic museums.

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At night there is a magical atmosphere around the Colonial City and you can enjoy of a delicious fine dining experience in one of the restaurants in front of Columbus Alcazar, built in 1510 by his son Diego Columbus.


5. Dive Into Hoyo Azul

You could get hypnotized by the turquoise water of this place! Located at the base of a high cliff in Punta Cana, Hoyo Azul is a paradisiacal 45feet natural pool.

Your journey to get here starts with hiking along an ecological trail followed by crystal-clear blue water.

6. Go Paragliding In Jarabacoa

One of the best spots to go paragliding on this Caribbean Island is the town of Jarabacoa. See when you visit the Dominican Republic you realize that there’s much more than coconut and palm trees.


Geography in the Dominican Republic ranges from valleys of tropical rainforests to arid semi-desert plains. It has three main mountain ranges. So you can be sure that you will be flying above a beautiful green landscape.

When you visit the Dominican Republic you will see that it has so much to offer that one trip won’t be enough to see half of it. Have you been to the Dominican Republic? Tell us what other places would you recommend visiting in the comments below!

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