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8 Things You Learn From Falling In Love For The First Time

8 Things You Learn From Falling In Love For The First Time


At one stage in your life it will almost certainly happen: whether with a friend or a partner love is a part of life and often shapes your future and who you are.  This list is from my personal experiences of falling in love romantically, so here are the 8 things you learn from falling in love for the first time.

1. That people can do things that annoy you and you can still be in love with them

Love isn’t about finding everything that someone does perfect, it’s about finding someone who no matter what they do you still love them.  I have never met a couple who can see no faults in each other, but unless you are totally perfect you have no right to expect anyone else to be.


2. It’s incredible

People haven’t been lying about it, and however soppy it may sound it’s great to have a basis of mutual love and respect for each other.  And the knowledge that someone has your back no matter what really is amazing.

3. It can be expensive

This isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but it is something to be aware of.  It’s not just spending money on them, but the added costs of visiting not one, but two, family homes, the parties that come with being with each other and date nights.  But that cost can be curtailed if you talk about it between the two of you and establish a budget.


4. You’re more emotionally aware

When you’re not just having to think about yourself but someone else you grow up, fast.  It’s partly a personal process but also something that your partner can help you with.  You gain a lot of insight into seeing how even the slightest changes within people can signify something big.  You begin to know that person almost as well as you know yourself.

5.  You feel overwhelming pride for that person

For the most stupid things, too.  I’m proud when my boyfriend does just about anything, because I love him.  There is no hype man/woman quite like the person who loves you.


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6. It’s easier to love yourself

When you have someone seeing the good in you all the time it is a lot easier to believe that you are a good person.  And when you love someone it raises their self-esteem too: it’s a very nice circle.


7. You can do nothing and that’s still great

I once heard the quote “I have plenty of people to do something with but nobody to do nothing with.”  I love that.  It’s not about how many people will come to a concert with you or will go shopping with you, but about the people who you can sit around with and still feel like you’re having fun.

8. You need to be vulnerable

You can’t really fall in love and allow someone to fall in love with all of you if you don’t allow yourself to be raw in front of them.  From the most basic things such as feeling comfortable with no makeup on, to the ‘deep stuff’, like telling them all of your deepest fears.  Being open with the person you love allows the love to go so much deeper than just your friends.  Of course, that does mean that they can hurt you, but it’s better to have that trust than feel like there is no trust at all.


Have you fallen in love?  And what did you learn from it?  Let us know down below in the comments if we missed anything out!

Featured image: Ibrahim Asad via Pexels