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10 Things You DON’T Need To Pack For Uni

10 Things You DON’T Need To Pack For Uni

When you pack for uni, there's a lot of things you're putting in there you probably won't need. That being said, here's a list of some.

When moving to university, it’s really hard to know what should go in your suitcase, and what should stay at home to gather dust. Of course, you need all the essentials like your toothbrush and photos of your pet cat, but those things are obvious and I’ve already written an article about that: The Ultimate Uni Packing List For Freshers. Instead, let’s focus on what you don’t need to pack for uni.

1. Too Many Clothes

Chances are when you first move to uni and get that sweet loan in your bank account you’ll want to run to the shops. That’s totally fine, but make sure you have space in your closet for your new identity. You don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe and not have space in your small cell-like room. This is something you don’t need to pack for uni.


2. Too Many Shoes

Shoes are heavy and take up a lot of space. When you move into your halls of residence you will realise how little space you have and how you don’t want it filled up with shoes. Bring a nice pair (for when your parents come to stay), a gross pair (Antwerp), trainers (maybe you do exercise, I don’t know) and a normal pair (like for uni and that).

3. Books


Only bring what you require, your room will be small.  Bringing your favourite books might seem like a great idea but with all of the reading from your course you probably won’t end up reading half of them. Trust me, you don’t need books when you pack for uni.

4. Posters

Chances are they will get a bit squished on the journey. Universities also hold huge poster sales at the beginning of each year so you can go down with your new flat mates and chose all new posters for your new university personality.


5. Your Grandmother’s Ring

If your grandmother gifted you her 27 billion carat diamond engagement ring, you might want to leave that at home. If you have items that are worth so much sentimentally, that if they were stolen you’d be heartbroken, you probably want to leave them safely at home. Of course, that isn’t to say don’t bring things you like but to be aware that student halls and houses are not the safest of places.

6. Your Pet Hamster


As much as I’m sure you’ll want to bring Tibbles with you to your new exciting life, he might be safer with your mum. Halls and student houses are notoriously loud, dirty and sometimes smoky. That really isn’t the kind of environment a hamster should be living in. You can always go home again to visit him, he will remember you.

7. Alexa

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Although the idea of having an Alexa is cool, they are one of the easiest things to steal from a student’s room. Your flatmates will also mess around with your Alexa and probably buy you tickets to things you didn’t want to go to. You’ve been warned.

8. Expectations

Bringing expectations to university can be super weighty. You don’t know what is to come so there is no point stressing yourself out about what may or may not happen when you arrive. Just be yourself, smile and a have a fabulous costume ready for Halloween.


9. Your Partner

Of course, this one is totally up to you, but you don’t have to bring your partner with you to university. You never know, you might break up before you go. Or you might spend an awkward freshers together before realising they aren’t really for you right now. It doesn’t matter. It is up to you whether or not you want to be in a relationship and moving to university is a perfectly acceptable reason to not be with someone.

10. Who You Thought You Were


People change constantly. You aren’t who you were when you were four, so why would you be the same person after moving out? You can definitely forget to pack yourself. You can let yourself change and that is completely okay.

If you can think of anything else that you don’t need to pack for uni, let us know in the comments below!
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