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15 Things You Can Relate To If You Went To An All Girls School

15 Things You Can Relate To If You Went To An All Girls School

It's a special kind of experience when you're at an all girls school, leaving you with memories only other girls' school leavers can relate to.

It is a special kind of school experience when you’re at an all girls school, leaving you with memories and experiences that only other girls’ school leavers can relate to.

1. Rolling your skirt up was essential

There is no way you would have set foot in the school without it being rolled up at least to above your knee but, let’s be real, it was closer to your hips.

2. Adhering to any uniform rule was a pain

Thinking that the school was deliberately trying to stop you expressing who you are, you kicked up a fuss every time you got caught with your shirt not tucked in or your shoes not being the specific type of shoe they wanted.


3. These rules extended to jewelry too

The absolute outrage when wearing flower clips in your hair was banned or when you were only allowed one small stud in each ear. That awful masking tape they made you cover them up with for PE was the worst. Taking it off, in some cases, literally ripped the earring out of your ear.

4. Don’t even mention hair

The rule that you were only allowed ‘natural coloured hair’ was broken by pretty much everyone. That time when dip dying was ‘the thing’ and some people had to dye it back but the sneaky ones used the excuse ‘I’ll wait for it to grow out’ (no, definitely not me…)



5. That one young male teacher everyone fancied

Really you can’t blame us for going crazy when someone under the age of 30 and of the opposite sex enters the school. We have 7 years of ultimate male deprivation, so a little bit of a crush never hurt anyone.

6. When you found out he was married

7. There was no need to wear makeup

At least for the first couple of years, nobody gives a crap about what they look like. You’re all in the same boat and there are no boys you feel you need to impress. Probably one of the only times you don’t feel self-conscious.

8. Unless you got a mixed bus that is…

There is no scene like it. Walking into the girls’ toilets after school and seeing a sea of girls frantically putting on their makeup in the 10 minutes they have before the bus leaves. If you had a joint boys’ and girls’ school bus, you know what I’m talking about.


9. How refined your skill of gossiping is when you leave

You do not know the value of a good gossip unless you went to an all girls’ school. I guarantee most lunchtimes someone, somewhere was having a good gossip to their friends about the latest rumour going round or the boy that blinked at them on the bus. No really, that seemed like a massive relationship development.

10. Period chat was a daily occurrence 

You never once thought it was tmi to tell the girls every detail about your ‘monthly gift’ shall we say. The amount of period analogies made over your time is actually pretty impressive. Everything from ‘surfing the red river’ to full on ‘the red army have invaded.’ Nobody held back when it came to this kind of conversation.

11. This came in very handy when you were in need

There is nothing like the bond you make with that one angel that gives you a pad when you need it most. You could burst into a classroom in a panic and ask if anyone had supplies and just like that there would be at least 3 different types of pad and a few tampons offered to you; someone always had your back.

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12. Visiting the boys’ school was like being fed to the lions

Due to the fact boys didn’t really factor in your life, the thought of going to the boys’ school was as scary as it was exciting. You expected them to be stunned by the fact that there were girls in their presence, but instead they just carried on being boisterous, and quite frankly terrifying. You soon realised that it was not the place for you and were very happy to come back to the sanctuary that was the girls’ school.

13. But you were still super excited about the joint discos

Nothing can describe the feeling of excitement before a joint disco with the boys’ school. This is only in the lower years because by year 10 you’re too cool for that. The disco was never quite how you imagined though. Instead of you talking to loads of boys and having a great time, the floor was segregated, girls on the right, boys on the left and if anyone tried to enter no man’s land there was a palpable collective gasp as they quickly retreated.



15. When you get to the mixed sixth form you’re like ‘Hallelujah!’…

Finally you get to mix with the opposite sex. You’ve had 5 years of preparation and you’re so ready.

…but then you realise they’re just normal people and all the excitement was for nothing

After a few weeks of dodging footballs at break time and being totally taking the mick out of more than you ever thought you could be, you realise that maybe you had it better when it was just the girls


While it’s an interesting experience to say the least, you wouldn’t change a thing! 

What was your experience at an all girls school like? Share in the comments below!
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