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15 Things You Can Make At Home for Under £10.00

15 Things You Can Make At Home for Under £10.00

15 Things You Can Make At Home for Under £10.00

Maybe you need some new things, or you’re just being greedy and wanting more! Well, here are a few cheap things you can make at home in a few easy steps without breaking the bank.

1. Writing Your Own Mug

We all know moving into a new home can be thrilling but also painful. You want every detail of your new property to be perfect. However, you can’t afford everything at once. I always find this with the little details, for example mugs! A perfect way to add your very own touch on ornaments is buying a cheap mug, this will definitely be under £10.00, and with a black sharpie at hand, adding your own personal message in a fancy font.

2. Cassette Phone Holder

Taking a good portrait selfie of yourself can be difficult and holding your phone while doing it without a selfie stick is painful. However, with this life hack which is no more than £5.00, you’re bound to be able to feel painless and so much better when taking snaps! All you have to do is buy a cassette case, open it up and decorate it with anything you wish to. You can then place your phone into the opened re-designed cassette case and get ready to do homework while still knowing when your friends are liking your insta posts. It is even great for music when studying as it works as a mini speaker. Now, isn’t that a cheap thing to make?


3. Fairy Light Wine Bottle

How many bottles of wine do we buy a month? If you’re guilty like me then it is easily more than three, and yes we do our part for the environment and recycle them but what if we could recycle them even more! You’ll probably have some spare fairy lights lying around the house too, so why not make a cute lantern? Just simply place the fairy lights inside and tape the wire to the back of the bottle by your nearest plug. This is a great way to add that extra original touch to your bedroom, and a cheap thing to make!

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4. Make Use Of Scrabble

We all have a game Scrabble lying around the house somewhere, right? Why not make use of the money you’ve spent on it with this great idea! All you need is a few letters and some super glue. You will need around 4×4 letters and with this just glue them together (adding your own words if you wish to) and make coasters out of them! That way you’re reusing your old appliances and saving money by having no spillages on that new coffee table you love.


5. Homemade Pillows

When I go shopping for household decorations, pillows never cross my mind until I see one and I always think, “I will buy it next time it’s too expensive”, however, you forget all about it. The next time you think of this, why don’t you buy a cheap pillow (or even wool) for £4.00 with a sewing kit and some colourful fabric? Sew the fabric together making sure it fits around the pillow or wool and then use a sharpie to draw whatever you wish over the pillow. Just make sure to go over what you’re drawing a few times so you get that full effect!

Whether you can buy the most expensive item in a shop or you’re just scrapping your last bit of change together, everyone can do with a little bit of recycling to give them the reassurance that they can think outside the box and reuse old clothing or games they don’t play anymore. With that said, if you have tried out or going to try out one of these ideas then make sure to leave a comment and share below.
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