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8 Things You Can Do On A Country Get Away

8 Things You Can Do On A Country Get Away

Like getting away? Here are 8 things you can do in the country on your next country get away!

To the city folk, a country get away may seem like the most strange, exhilarating or nerve-wracking idea. No, I come on. That’s just silly. No one is pure city nor country. Yes, you can prefer one or the other, but sometimes it’s good to venture to a new scenery. So, if the city feels a bit stuffy, difficult and noisy, then a country get away is in order. Please don’t wrinkle your nose, retrieve the bug spry and cry. You will be fine. But to ease you into it, here is a list of 8 things you can do on a country getaway. Trust me, you’ll love it…

1. Bush walk

Forget the stuffy and overcrowded to the gym, give your lungs some of the good stuff. There’s nothing like following a treaded path through the bush and breathing in fresh and pure air. Get back to nature and take the countries natural beauty. Seriously, a trip to the country can be a simple day trip. If you want to get out and about, then a bush walk is one of the best things you can do in the country.


2. Country Cottages

If you’re going to take this get away seriously, then you’ll need a place to stay. (A few nights away won’t kill you.) Get a taste for the country properly by staying in a country cottage (sounds sweet doesn’t it.) Once you start looking, there are some gorgeous BnB’s to stay at in the country. Get one with a view, plenty of bush walks near by and lets be real, a place to get coffee close by!

3. Wildlife

The country wouldn’t be complete without spotting some of Aussie wildlife. Whether that’s kangaroos grazing on a hill, koalas sleeping in the trees or a kookaburra waking you up for breakfast, seeing animals in their natural habitat will make your country getaway a little bit more exciting! So when you’re planning your little holidays, be sure to suss out the best trails for spotting koalas or research the local bird life (it won’t be as dorky as it sounds.)

4. Zero technology

Have I lost you on this one? Here me out. You might as well milk the entire experience. Sometimes the service in the country might cut you off from the world anyway (gasps.) So why not leave your technology in your luggage and go off line during your getaway. This will allow you to be more present and actually absorb scenery around you. Take pictures by all means. But take in the beautiful country, and of course the company you keep, without the usual distraction of technology.


5. Wineries

Now we’re talking. Wine. This may help with the zero technology thing. Thank god for wineries. There are thousands to find in the country. So when you’re planning a country getaway, maybe pick one of the good wine regions. A fabulous day in the country can include a winery tour. It ticks all of the boxes. Walking through gorgeous scenery, wine tasting and meeting passionate people gurus. Sounds very good to me. Maybe this is the only way to get you out of the city and into the country. Great decision if you ask me!

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6. Local stores

In the country, you can across the absolute gem or two of local stores and businesses. It’s amazing speaking to the locals. They’ll tell you the best places to go, tips on how to not get lost and general connection that you may be missing from the hustling city. Local stores are often very unique and personal, with friendly and helpful staff willing to make your brief visit the bets it can be. They’ll give you the most heart warming experience. Then you can boast to all of your friends back in the city about the gorgeous little cafe you just ‘stumbled across’ in the country!

7. Local produce

Local stores will also mean local produce. Depending on which part of your country you’re visiting, chances are it will specialise in some great produce! Maybe thats locally made honey or freshly laid eggs! Even better, local stores won’t be serving mass produced food. No no, you’ll be eating freshly baked goods and hand made EVERYTHING! This is particularly special, and something you don’t get a lot of in the city.

8. Lucky last

Have I convinced you that this kind of get away is the best decision you’ll make all day? Of course I have. That’s why the last thing you can do on a country get away is purchase your own home and move in immediately No I’m kidding. Actually I’m not. I don’t really know. All I know is that you should absolutely visit the country as much as possible. So by all means, if you can afford a little place of your own, you won’t regret a little haven for escape! Or, try and get together with friends and get away as much as possible!


There are so many reasons to visit the country! Find any excuse and treat yourself to a get away as soon as possible! Comment below other things that you can do on a country getaway!

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