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10 Things That Will Probably Never Happen To You At Edge Hill University

10 Things That Will Probably Never Happen To You At Edge Hill University

Debuning or confirming some of the crazy expectations you have, here are my top 10 things that will (probably) never happen to you at Edge Hill University.

Coming to University can be a scary thing. Before you embark on this incredibly daunting chapter in your life, you mind seems to whirl with a collation of questions and speculations, each generated by the rumors you have heard from friends and former students. I am here to save the day (sort of) and  debunk or confirm some of these crazy expectations you have and also the ones I had before joining Edge Hill University. Here are my top ten things that will (probably) never happen to you at Edge Hill University.

1. A full nights sleep whilst living at halls.

As upsetting this is for me to confirm, it is true, the nights of sleeping through until morning may as well still be at home with your parents. Say you decide to stay in, you have a 9 am lecture the next day and you promised yourself you would not end up in an alcohol induced coma and let the rest of the building take that hit for you. So you go to bed. All is good, you’re falling slowly into sleep, allowing the paradox of sleep pull you deeper and deeper in. Then it hits you, the go to clubs in Ormskirk close at half two in the morning (yes, that is what you will consider an early night her at Edge Hill) and suddenly, the building door swings open, and in pours an influx of intoxicated students screaming the lyrics to Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You, thus ending your sleepy state for the rest of your night. Prepare yourself for the rumbling of the after parties around you until you alarm inevitably drags you out of bed. Great. But don’t worry, there are quiet halls at Edge Hill, but you will most likely end up making just as much noise and you will 100% grow accustomed to the sound of drunk karaoke, and you will probably find it quiet soothing by the time you move off campus. (Probably)

2. Have duck free view out of your window.

Yes, you read that correctly. This is a weird one, but something you will totally understand once you become an Edge Hill local. Ducks, ducks everywhere…nobody knows why, but ducks love the campus. They become part of your daily routine, if you and your flatmates don’t play duck sounds to try and lure them in then you’re doing Edge Hill all wrong (or maybe that was just us). The campus ducks are exceedingly cute and you will never have a duck free view from your bedroom window, or lecture halls window…or any window on campus. But really, it’s a great edition to uni life and makes studying at Edge Hill all the more unique.


3. Knowing  your way around campus.

Knowing your way around the ENTIRETY of the Edge Hill campus is something that will probably never happen to you. During induction week, I walked into the wrong lecture 3 times, went to the wrong halls twice and had to call my flat mates 100’s of times when I wondered off during those fun nights on during the first week. But each incident made for an extremely funny story and helped me explore the campus in much detail. After a while, you come to learn the ins and outs of where you need to frequent, but other than that, you will probably never know your way around the whole of the campus but you WILL get lost, all of the time.


4. A bad night out.

Nights out at Edge Hill consist mainly of two things, flat pre-drinks and the Alpine Club Lodge. And yes, it is the same thing almost every.Single. Time. BUT, these nights out and probably the best ones yet. Whether you stick to the same old routine, or venture out into the depths of Liverpool, they are hardly ever boring and with each night out brings a tonne of everlasting stories with it. And also many hungover lecture stories. But Aldi sells hang over pills and you’re probably not the only one trying to ignore your lecturer whilst the headache pounds away at any existing brain sells that the alcohol hadn’t destroyed. Woo hoo.


5. Having phone signal.

The age old mystery. Where is the phone signal? Although the free WiFi is always there to fall back on, getting signal in and around the Edge Hill campus is something that will probably never happen to you. In fact, getting more than one bar is the new definition of a blessing and your flat will work tirelessly as a team to find the best signal spots (try the kitchen), and this makes for an excellent flat bonding activity during freshers. Heck, you could even make a drinking game out of it…whoever loses signal takes a shot. Now that would be a night to remember, or forget…..

6. Finding a perfect, quiet spot at the library.

Unless you manage to book yourself a spot at one of the individual study rooms, you will probably never find a space at the library,  quiet one at least. Not only that but finding a free laptop or computer is almost impossible. But, when you do find a space, 2 am library sessions with your friends, desperately chasing deadlines are probably some of the best times you will ever have in your life. Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation or the amount of Red Bull you guys will have, but there is something about the library after midnight that brings out the funniest moments.

7. Getting a taxi, quickly.

It’s ten thirty, free entry stops at eleven. Pre-drinks is over and you’re on time. Or so you think. You seemed to forget that almost everybody on campus has the same idea as you, so the taxi war is on.


You call the taxi, “thirty minutes but try and see if you can jump in a taxi there is a long wait”, you’re disappointed.  You’re about to break the news but the liquid courage that you obtained through numerous rounds of ring of fire overpowers any doubts. You are going to get a taxi. You head over to security, search long and hard for a group that looks kind enough to let you share their taxi, then you wait until they’re all engulfed in something completely irrelevant and then you and all of your fellow drunkards all crawl into their taxi. Oops.

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8. Understanding what your lecturer is talking about.

This will probably never happen to you. When I came to uni, I expected to know exactly what was going on in my lectures. But nope, I was more than wrong. It is as though the lecturers have their own secret language that only people with degrees and PhD’s understand. But that’s totally normal, you will also never get caught out for that and you’re not the only confused student. Trust me.

9. Having a bad time during Freshers week.

I was terrified upon arrival at Edge Hill, but I soon came to the realization that everybody else was…even the tutors. But everybody helped to make the first week the best week and it is something no student here will ever forget (or remember, depending on how you spent it).

10. Being alone.

If there is one thing that I can guarantee will not happen to you at Edge Hill, is that you will NEVER be alone. There is such diversity here and many societies and the friends you make here are like no other. It is a different type of bond, a much stronger one and every day at uni is a fun one. Even the boring ones. Sure, you will have the days that test you but…being alone is something that will probably never happen to you at Edge Hill University.


I hope this list helped ease your mind, or if you’re already at uni or studying at Edge Hill then I hope you can relate to the ten things that will (probably) never happen to you at Edge Hill University.

What are some other things that will probably never happen to you at Edge Hill University? Comment below!
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