10 Things We’ve Learned About Love Island So Far

These are some of the things we've learned about Love Island so far this season. This reality show is such a hit and we love it.

After the grand Finale last Monday, Love 2018 is now officially done. With Jack and Dani being this year’s unsurprising winners, there are loads of things that we’ve all (subconsciously) learnt about love. Which of these things we’ve learned about Love Island do you relate to?

1. Loyalty

Loyalty is important in every relationship and, of course, it has to be earned. Love Island contester, Georgia, made kind of a big deal about and fans kind of questioned her loyalty when it came to the kiss. However, when her and Sam got split up and both refused to couple up with anyone else but each other, Georgia actually proved her loyalty when they both left the villa.

2. Sex is not a fast track to real love

Jack and Dani are undoubtedly the King and Queen of Love Island and at the grand finale and their relationship seems to only go up. When Caroline asked Jack how they’re going to celebrate their win, he replied by finally having sex tonight. Which of these things we’ve learned about Love Island do you relate to?



3. “Never trust a man with too many abs”

Famous last words by Niall Aslam, who left the villa after a week. And he’s not wrong, good old Adam managed to break a couple of hearts in the villa and his behaviour towards Kendall and Rosie resulted in loads of OfCom complaints and even the involvement of a couple of women’s charities.

4. Strengths and insecurities

Strengths and insecurities seemed to have been the main topics of this year’s Love Island. Samira experienced a very relatable breakdown in Casa Amor, scared she wasn’t good enough due to her lack of romantic success in the villa so far. She ended up comparing herself to the other contestants, such as Megan. But even bombshells like Megan aren’t 100% confident, as she replied “If I could have your intelligence and everything about you I would swap everything.”


5. Dating is a lot easier without having phones

During the whole eight weeks, none of the contesters were allowed access to social media and that seems to make a lot of things easier in the dating game. Eight weeks purely getting to know each other without seeing whose photos they like and comment on on Instagram, what a dream.

6. Always trust your gut

Remember Georgia staying loyal to Josh while he was at Casa Amor? And remember him cosying up to Kaz? I think every girl knows the gut feeling Georgia had, that her significant other is up to no good, and evidently, she was right. This also works in Josh’s case, who’s still happy with Kaz. Which of these things we’ve learned about Love Island do you relate to?



7. Steer clear of secret dickheads

I’m talking to you, Dr Alex. It was almost painful to watch the poor Doctor searching for love and failing and he managed to get the whole nation’s sympathy with his constant failing of finding love. However, the second Ellie told him she wasn’t actually that into him, he lost it, because how dare she not be attracted to him?! I mean, we live in the stone ages and Dr Alex, of course, is entitled to a woman, whether she wants him, or not! Which of these things we’ve learned about Love Island do you relate to?

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8. There’s always two sides to a story

The kiss between Georgia and Jack sparked an outbreak of Georgia memes, however, just as in real life, there are always two sides to a story. She thought he was leaning in for a kiss, he actually just wanted to kiss her on the cheek… potato potato, however this does clear up a lot and now we can happily move on.


Which of these things we've learned about Love Island do you relate to?

9. Friendship is as important as a romantic relationship

When Rosie left and said she wasn’t lucky enough to find love (in Adam) you might’ve started to feel sorry for her. But hold on, she might have not find love, however she did find a couple of new friends, which have lasted longer than her relationship with Adam. Which of these things we’ve learned about Love Island do you relate to?

10. Always be like Jack and Dani

Enough said.


Which of these things we’ve learned about Love Island do you relate to? Let us know below.

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