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10 Things To Never Say To A Guy That Aren’t Obvious At All

10 Things To Never Say To A Guy That Aren’t Obvious At All

Take a browse through these things to never say to a guy.


‘Why is your beard so patchy?’

Asking a man why his beard is patchy is like asking him why he can’t grow hair. People grow in different ways, and some beards come in patchy. It’s just life and instead of asking why it’s patchy, buy him some beard oil.


‘You’re like a brother to me’

Of course, maybe he is a brother or a step brother, but generally telling a man he’s like a brother to you is telling him that he is in the ‘friend zone’ (something that is totally made up, but men still believe exists).

‘You’re no fun’


This isn’t nice to say to anybody. Telling someone they are not fun, is like telling them you don’t like spending time with them.

‘Aren’t you paying?’

This is a very aged idea, men shouldn’t have to pay for dinner just because of their gender. Nowadays, it is and should be more common for people to split the bill or even for the women to offer to pay. If you pay, it shows you’re very interested in the relationship and actually interested in spending time with your partner.


‘Why can’t you be more like so-and-so’s boyfriend?’

People are different, and your partner will be a different person from your friend’s partner. If you want your partner to be different, then they won’t be the same person. If you’re saying this then you might want to question your relationship. Your partner is just being him/herself and that’s all you can ask for.

‘I tell my best friend everything.’


Somethings should be private in a relationship and shouldn’t be spread throughout your friends. If you are telling other people everything, then it isn’t just you and your partner in the relationship. You need to consider why you are telling your friends stuff and figure out where you are in your relationship.

‘You’re quite hairy?’


By saying this to him, you’re just stating a fact. You aren’t being constructing and aren’t helping anything. If you’re a fan of his hair, then tell him. If you aren’t, then tell him that too. But in a nice, constructive way that isn’t just an attack on his appearance.

‘Ever thought you might be gay?’


Every person nowadays questions their own sexuality and I’m sure he has questioned it too. You might not know his past or even his exact sexual preference and asking him in this way isn’t going to answer any questions for either of you. Again, this is a time where you need to be constructive and sensitive and think about how you would like to be asked about your sexual orientation.

‘Have you not been with many women?’

This comment again could be an attack. By saying this, you are insinuating that he maybe isn’t the best boyfriend or sexual partner. Of course, if this is the case, then talk to him. Just tell him what you like and how he can achieve it. You don’t need to insult him to get what you want.


Anything you wouldn’t like being said to you

Men and women are becoming less and less different and with that you should except that anything you wouldn’t like to be said to you, shouldn’t leave your mouth. Men are sensitive, just like women. It’s important to understand that gender boundaries are slowly fizzling away and being feminine or masculine shouldn’t really matter anymore. Just be yourself and be kind to others.

If there are any other common phrases that get shared between the genders that should be omitted from conversations, then please let us know in the comments below!

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