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Things To Look Forward To Autumn For

Things To Look Forward To Autumn For

With Autumn so rapidly approaching us, we’ll soon be kissing (or sobbing) goodbye to light nights, glorious beach trips and suddenly feeling envious when we catch the scent of our neighbours’ barbecue. Our hard-earned tan will soon fade away and it seems that all we’re left with is withdrawal blues from the holiday we’d been looking forward to all year. It certainly isn’t all bad news though. New season, new exciting traits to look forward to – and Autumn certainly isn’t short of them. So what are they?

Having A Perfectly Valid Excuse To Splurge Out On A New Coat.

Living in the UK, our coat is pretty much our staple item. We should never, therefore, feel guilty about indulging in a new item we’re going to be wearing for the next 9 months. And when else would be a perfect time to do so than the start of the colder months?


Or Simply Just Revamp Your Entire Wardrobe With Gorgeous New Autumn Fashion.

Whether it’s the flattering array of brown, cream and beige, or the season’s famous chunky statement boots, there’s always something to be excited about when it comes to Autumn’s fashion. 

Plenty Of Halloween Parties.

This is the one, sure time you’re going to have the best excuse to dress up as whatever you like. Whether you’re partying out to some of the hottest tunes or incorporating plenty of drink into your Cards Against Humanities session, you’re guaranteed a night (or few) of pure gold!


Horror-Themed Movie Marathons.

Lights out. Duvet spread over you. An abundant supply of popcorn. What isn’t there to be excited about? All you need to determine is whether you’re a latest blockbuster or old classic kind of horror fan – that’s if you are a horror fan at all!


The Perfect Excuse To Indulge On All The Sweets And Chocolate You Can Lay Your Hands On.

It’s Halloween! You need to be super prepared for all those annoying kids that come Trick-or-Treating at your door. Or at least that’s what you tell the shop assistant, knowing full well that no kids will ever lay eyes on them. 

More Bearable Weather

Gone will be the days where you’re sharing your home with flies and moths who’ve found a passage through your (much needed) open window. Plus, you’ll finally be able to sleep without sweating your entire water intake out! Every year we excitedly await the sunny weather, and every year we are once again reminded of its love-hate relationship with us (especially now that we’re struggling to sit down without squealing in sore pain from its burning consequences). 


Cosy, Snug Jumpers.

If you’re not buying a new coat, surely you’re treating yourself to a gorgeously soft and fluffy new jumper? There’s nothing more satisfying than throwing on your baggiest, comfiest piece of clothing after a chilly and crisp day. 


Warming Up Next To The Fire With A Mug Of Hot Chocolate.

How else (or better) are you going to occupy the evenings now that they’re drawing in sooner? Grab your favourite jumper, a warm drink, a great book and get stuck in as the fire gives you the best kind of seasonal aesthetic. 

Sipping On Your Eagerly Awaited Pumpkin Spice Latte At Starbucks.

Soak up the warm spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin puree with everyone’s favourite seasonal drink! It’s also the most convenient hand-warmer for those who left their gloves at home.


Carving Pumpkins.

This makes a cosy and original date night activity, or just one you can have a laugh with your friends about. Whether your pumpkin is a masterpiece or it looks like it’s been hacked at by a woodcutter, it’s really the pumpkin pie afterward that you’re secretly looking forward to.

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Gorging At Stunning Autumn Foliage.

No matter which season is your favourite, it’s pretty hard to beat Autumn when it comes to the beauty of nature. Why not treat your Instagram account to a seasonal colour boost of blazing reds, rich golds, and warming browns? With the UK, there are countless of beautiful woodlands and parks to take in these fiery hues.


Running On A Fresh Bed Of Crispy Leaves.

Not only are we treated with the gorgeous colours of Autumn, but we also get to hear and feel the crunch of newly fallen leaves beneath our favourite seasonal boots. Sometimes it’s the little things in life. 


This German festival must ensure all beer and cider lovers are counting down the days until Autumn hits! It also gives people a perfectly valid reason to book a quick getaway trip to Munich. If that’s not viable, there are still plenty of other places celebrating in the UK too! You could try our country’s most popular in Maidstone, although you’ll have to be quick – the second release tickets are already selling fast!


Seasonal Scented Candles

From Springtime onwards, candle shops and companies confront us with every floral scent under the sun. Soon enough you’re bored of the same sickly sweet smell and ready to add a completely new character to your home. Autumn always delivers here! Swapping fresh floral scents with warm spices, there are plenty of lush fragrances to switch up the seasonal mood. Apple Cider, Cinnamon Stick, Pumpkin Pie, and Warm Cashmere are among some of my favourite from Yankee Candle. 


Bonfire Night.

Imagine this: it’s a chilly Autumn evening and you’re out with your group of pals, nibbling on freshly cooked hot-dogs and sweet toffee apples as you toast up beside the blazing bonfire. Soon enough a stunning firework display starts, carefully synchronised to the beat of the old classics you can never get enough of. Can Autumn hurry along any faster?

We hope we’ve managed to hype up your spirits for the new season! What are you most looking forward to in Autumn? Let us know in the comments below!

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