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Things To Know Before Going On A Second Date

Things To Know Before Going On A Second Date

Things To Know Before Going On A Second Date

No one talks about the second date when in fact it’s just as important as the first one, if not more. Do you even want a second date? Deciding whether you want to waste any more time and money on that person is a gamble, but we’ve made it easy for you!

Here is a guide to help you figure out whether you should come back for seconds.

Are You Compatible?

This one seems generic, yes, but it’s also important in the long run. Like mentioned, you do not want to waste time on a relationship when it’s already doomed from the start. Indeed, they say opposites attract, but the physics is a bit more complicated with humans.


Even the smallest things can trigger incompatibility, such as a different sense of humor. If they don’t understand your jokes, and you don’t laugh at theirs, then you will find yourself in a lot of silences throughout the date (and potential relationship!).

You can figure out compatibility on the very first date, so don’t make the mistake of going on a second date if there is no chemistry there.

Are They Rude To Wait Staff?

This one needs to be highlighted, underlined, written in bold and italicized!


The way your date treats wait staff is a bad character trait and happens to be an example of how they would treat retail workers, too. You do not want to date someone who looks down on customer service workers, because it’s just plain rude.

Above all: do they tip enough? Do they tip at all?

They Should Be Okay With Splitting The Bill

This one seems a little outdated at this point, but it deserves repetition.


If they do not want to split the bill, because of their pride (or possibly because of their fear of being emasculated), then run. Run for the hills, throw your phone away and don’t look back. It is perfectly appropriate for you to want to split the bill! You make your own money and you should be proud of it.

What Is The Conversation Like?

There is always stress and a pang of fear on a first date. The only way to ease this feeling away is to have a continuous flow of interesting conversation. After all, a date really does depend on the conversation.

A second date is hard to come by if a) they constantly talk about themselves and don’t ask questions about you, b) are not funny (they need to be funny, this is non-negotiable) and c) they come off rude.


Is There A Physical Attraction?

Sounds shallow, but if you think about it, if you are not physically attracted to them during the first date, then you won’t be physically attracted to them on the second date, either.

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An emotional connection is great, but for your sake, there should be even a small hint of a physical attraction. If there isn’t one, then your relationship will not progress.


Are They Your Type?

Everyone has a type. If you’re one of those people who claim that you don’t have a type, then you’re lying to yourself.

Before a date, you already know what you like and what you’re looking for. Do you prefer someone who dresses over the top or someone who dresses like a skater (yes, they exist)? Do you want someone tall or even someone who’s got tattoos?

If you really believe you don’t have a type, then you have to figure it out before the second date, or you’ll spend the majority of your time hand-picking things you definitely dislike about your date.


Are You Having Fun?

If you are not enjoying yourself and are constantly worried about what you’re saying and what you’re not doing, then find someone else to take on that second date.

It’s important that you put yourself first and if you aren’t having fun, then you’re not having a good time. The first date really is important, because it sets a baseline for the second date.

Did this guide help you on deciding whether that second date is really worth it? Leave a comment below on your own experiences!

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