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20 Things To Do When You’re Single On Valentine’s Day

20 Things To Do When You’re Single On Valentine’s Day

Want to treat yourself this Valentine's Day? Well then, here are some things to do if you are single on Valentine's Day this year!

Valentine’s day is always a day that is dreaded by anyone who is single. If you’re looking for something to do on this day, here are twenty things to do when you are single on Valentine’s Day.

1. Have a movie night

No romantic films, just a great horror or comedy will do the trick. Grab the best take out and make a night of it with your friends.

2. Make your favourite meal

Just get in the kitchen, put on your favourite music and cook something you love. Whether you want to try something new or bake a classic recipe, have the kitchen to yourself and bake something great.


3. Stay away from social media

During this day, you’ll usually get a lot of couples bragging about their relationships which won’t help when you’re alone and single on Valentine’s day. Instead, turn it off and leave it for a day or two.

4. Go on a day trip with yourself

Have you wanted to go to a city that is just a short journey away? Why not treat yourself to a day trip?

5. Grab all your single friends and go out for drinks

Who says you need to date tonight? Valentine’s day is all about celebrating love. Grab all of your single friends and celebrate your friendship over a drink or two.


6. Don’t feel bad about being single

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you. Don’t beat yourself up about it, your time will come.

7. Buy some chocolate

During this day, you can get your favourite chocolate for a discounted price. Why not load up on chocolate and treat yourself?

8. Have a Netflix marathon

There are so many good TV shows to watch. Why not unwind with something you’ve always wanted to watch. If you don’t have Netflix, there are many great TV shows to watch on Amazon Prime too.


9. Have a spa day

Whether it is at home or at a spa, spoil yourself with a pamper session to help you look and feel great.

10. Make some art

If you really hate Valentine’s day but are feeling creative, why not make something? Whether you want to paint, knit or draw, let your creative side out and make something amazing.

11. Have a relaxing bath

Get out your favourite bath bombs and candles and have a relaxing soak. If bath bombs aren’t your thing, you can never go wrong with a bubble bath.


12. Spoil yourself

Just because other people are being spoiled with gifts doesn’t mean you can’t spoil yourself too. Buy yourself something great which you wouldn’t usually get.

13. Take the day off

If you can, take the day off from work and spend it relaxing. You don’t even have to venture out of the house, just have a relaxing day at home if you can.

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14. Host a party

If you’re in the mood for some fun, why not host a party for anyone you know who is single on Valentine’s day. Who knows, you might meet someone special during the night.

15. Send Valentine cards to you single friends

Valentine’s day isn’t just for couples. Make your friends feel special by sending them a Valentine’s day card. If you have some extra time on your hands, why not make them yourself?

16. Volunteer

Use this day to help others in need. There are many charities that need volunteers during the year, so use this day to take care of people who need help.


17. Go on a date with yourself

Go somewhere that you have always wanted to go. You don’t need someone to go with you. Take yourself and have a good time.

18. Wear your favourite outfit

Make yourself feel better by wearing your favourite outfit. If your stuck for something to wear, buy or try something new, like a new haircut or piece of makeup.

19. Call a friend

Use this time to catch up with someone you haven’t contacted in a while. You can message them if you prefer texting over calling someone.


20. Pet an animal

There are many petting zoos you can go to if you want to pet an animal. If you have a pet at home, why not go home for the day and give them a hug.

Hopefully, with these ideas, you can prepare yourself if you’re single on Valentine’s day. Valentine’s day is all about love so whether you are single or not, make sure you show how much you care about the people you love.
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