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15 Things To Do Around The University Of Manchester When You’re Bored AF

15 Things To Do Around The University Of Manchester When You’re Bored AF

We all have gone through those times where we do not know what to do with ourselves. Yes, you could do extra readings for your next tutorial. But let’s be realistic. Couple hours are enough for you to skim read it all. But today is just not the day to immerse in uni work. You know? So here is a list of things to do when you’re bored AF at the University of Manchester!

1. Finally go to the gym!

Are you one of those people that has a gym membership but does not go gym. Maybe your gym is a bit far, and it’s raining (like always) and you don’t want to become a victim of puddle-splashing. Whatever it may be its nice to know there are uni students out there that can afford to have a membership and not use it. But if you are, your boredom is now an excuse to attend. ATTA!

2. Make fancy meals.

The best way to cure boredom is to learn new things.  Why not try something other than pasta or chicken wrap. Invite your mates around and make a big meal for anyone. Maybe a vegan charcuterie? If you cannot be bothered for the fancy. Just cook the usual, and do not order. I repeat, do not order.  You will be even more bored waiting for your food to arrive. Trust me.


3. Explore the library!

More like libraries. There are many libraries in Manchester, not just the uni one.  Search it up. Go on. If you are one of those people that likes to read when you are bored. You should definitively try to explore such.

4. People Watching

If you love coffee, go to your local Costa or Starbucks. Take your laptop and plan your month. It will feel super satisfying to feel like your life is together for the rest of the month. Even if you do not live up to your plans. At least you did something already.  Just don’t be a creep and look at people for too long. And please look away if someone notices you staring.



5. Attend open mic-nights.

With so many talented young people around you in Manchester, you can get rid of your boredom by diving into a 90s vibe. Support them by attending open mic shows, you may find these at CONTACT. Maybe one of your friends secretly is Maya Angelou and writes amazing poems. Persuade them to perform. Don’t be forceful though, play nice.

6. Go to an exhibition.

With many museums in Manny, why not explore? Some have the likes of Warhol. And if you are not willing to go too far, there is the Museum of University of Manchester that has Ancient Egypt artifacts, like tombs.

7. Try new makeup looks!

It’s too cold outside. But you’re bored. I understand. Just stay in and try that glitter cut crease, you’ve always wanted to try. For some inspiration just go on the Instagram search engine and search away.  Or just pamper yourself and try sheet face masks. If you haven’t tried sheet face masks, you need to try them out.


8. Recycle and build.

You’re a guy that does not wear makeup. Cool. Why not recycle, or build things with recycled rubbish. Like a pot for your pen, markers, all of that. You’ll find many recycling hacks on YouTube.  At the University of Manchester there are several schemes and programs that are related to sustainability, you’re interested. Such as the Green Impact, that offers many opportunities, such as volunteering.

9. Start your own Zumba class.

Okay, so maybe it is too cold? Or you just cannot be bothered to get a gym membership. It is okay, I get it. That is why there is the option of just sweating it out. Why not put music on, one with a fast beat and just dance? Dance then take a nice warm shower. After you will feel as if you’ve been jogging for a while.  If you’re not into making crazy moves, just practice yoga with rain sounds in the background. It will be super relaxing.

10. Games night.

Just invite a couple friends over and play a bunch of games. Chinese Whispers can be a fun game to play at uni? Right? Buy snacks, and thank me later.



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11. Go on an adventure.

There are many beautiful sights to see at Manchester. Known as the capital of the North, there are many popular and undiscovered gems in this city. Places such as Whitworth Art Gallery,  John Ryland’s Library or EPOK gallery.


12. Join a sports team.

At the University of Manchester, you have the opportunity to join a sports team. Such as handball, or just attend a SPORTICIPATE class of yoga.

13. Make a playlist.

Spend your free time making a playlist for the next time you have a pree-drinks at yours. This way you will not have the hassle of looking for the next song to play when one ends instead of having fun and getting drunk, of course.

14. Clean your room.

This is a perfect opportunity to pass your time. Stop staring at the pile of dirty laundry at the corner of your room, and just get things done. Or just do your uni responsibilities. Either way, you will have to do your laundry. So why not get it out of the way when you have nothing to do.


15. Netflix and Chill

If you live in halls and get along with your flatmates (lucky you!), just knock on their door and have a good ‘ol Netflix sesh.  Or if everyone you know is busy, just catch up on your favourite shows.


What are your favorite things to do when you’re bored AF at the University of Manchester? Comment below!
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