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10 Things To Do On Your Day Off To Get The Most Out Of Your Time

10 Things To Do On Your Day Off To Get The Most Out Of Your Time

Take a look at these things to do on your day off! Everyone deserves some time for relaxation, rejuvenation and family days.

Having a day off sounds great until you find yourself wondering what to actually do and end up spending the whole day in bed. Here are some tips what to do on your day off.

1. Start the day with a fancy breakfast

With constantly being on the run, the meal that seems to suffer the most seems to be breakfast. But breakfast is actually so important as it provides us with energy for the day. Breakfast foods are packed with important nutrients, such as calcium, iron, protein and fibre. Make yourself a fancy bircher bowl with fruit for a perfect start of your day of freedom.

2. Call your mum

Remember the last time you actually spoke to your mum? Give her a little surprise call to find out the latest family-goss, tell her all about the latest things that happened at uni and ask her for advice if you need it. Because we all know, mum knows best!


3. Go the gym

You’ve read right, if you don’t have any plans there’s no excuse to not go to the gym… well there might be loads of excuses but you know. If you don’t like gyms, you might be better off to go to a class, and since you’re on that student budget, have a look at free classes. British retailer ‘Sweaty Betty‘, for example, offers free intro classes.

4. Read a book

When’s the last time you read a book? If you can’t remember, then it’s probably too long ago. There’s so many amazing books out right now, have a look at this link provided by amazon and find some books you might like.

5. Meet up with some friends and have a picnic

Meet up with all those friends you lost contact with and have a nice picnic in the park. It’s cheaper than meeting up in a restaurant and a lot nicer. Get a bottle of wine and have yourself a boozy afternoon full of catching up with old friends.


6. Explore your city

If you’ve moved to another city for university, chances are you’ve not actually explored it yet. Get your camera and start exploring some hidden gems in the city. You might even find some museums that you haven’t visited yet, some cool market or even a festival, such as the Manchester Beer and Cider Fest.

7. Watch a movie

Re-watch the whole Harry Potter series, that should take up nearly 20 hours of your day. You can even host a cute little movie night at your place and invite a couple of friends over.

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8. Create a Depop account

You know you’ve got too many clothes that you’re not actually wearing anymore. So create a Depop account and start making some Dollar. We all know students live on a tight budget, so getting that little bit of extra cash is always nice.

9. Cook yourself a nice dinner

… or order takeaway. But most importantly, take a break from pasta with tomato sauce. There are loads of easy recipes online on how to cook a quick and easy dinner, such as this Shrimp fried rice. And remember, cooking is also a nice date idea. 😉


10. Go to bed early

As students, we tend to live off the least sleep possibly needed. With studying, going out and other activities, sleeping is, most of the time, not on the agenda. So on your day off, go to bed early and have a well-deserved beauty sleep.

Which of these things to do on your day off are you going to try? Let us know below.

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