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10 Things To Do If You’re Broke AF In Derby

10 Things To Do If You’re Broke AF In Derby

So you blew through your student loan, now you’re bored, broke AF and don’t know what to do. So what can you do when you’re Broke AF in Derby.

Maybe you spent all of your student loan the minute it dropped into your account or maybe you spent up on all of those ‘great deals’ that are just too good to miss? Now you’re bored, broke AF and don’t know what to do. So what can you do when you’re broke AF in Derby.

1. Have a walk or dip in the paddling pool at Markeaton Park

Clear your mind with a walk around Markeaton Park, watch the ducks, play Frisbee and in the summer months the paddling pool if free to use! Walk around the craft village and get a 99p ice cream from one of the many Ice cream vans situated all over the park. The park has toilet facilities and a quaint café so you could easily spend the day here.

2. Try something new and visit the Museum and Art Gallery

Both local and international paintings and artefacts can be seen at the Museum and Art Gallery; the collections are regularly updated so there is always something new to look at. Both longstanding and temporary exhibits provide a fascinating trip out. Free entry but donations are accepted and greatly appreciated.


3. Look around, sit and reflect on life at Derby Cathedral

With free entry to the most visited attraction in Derby which has recently undergone an extensive renovation you can’t go wrong. The Cathedral would definitely make for some surely stunning Instagram pics ! Again donations are appreciated.


4. Experience ‘Britain’s first public park’ at Derby Arboretum!

A picturesque park with a collection of trees and flowers, a Grade 2 listed park, it is a beautiful setting to draw, read or simply watch people and the day go by. A restoration which finished in 2005 saw the parks buildings restored and new facilities for toddlers and older children make the Arboretum a truly beautiful place in Derby.


5. Eagle Market is a hive of activity to explore

A continuously growing market which offers the best of all produce and services that the people of Derby and its visitors need. Just a slow walk round can calm the mind and it’s all under one roof so perfect if the weather isn’t too great.

6. Relive your childhood at Lane’s Garden Centre & Open Farm

A working farm and garden centre, with free entry to the farm you can see and pet farm animals to your heart’s content. From sheep, donkeys, horses, pigs and cows you’ll be astonished by the amount of time that passes when you’re surrounded with animals. (Pssstt…. It’s only £1.50 for a big bucket of food, even if I’m broke AF I would for sure spend that to feed the piglets !!!)

7. 85 Acres of open space to enjoy at Alvaston Park

A riverside park situated in the south of derby and two miles from the city centre, explore the science garden, play area or relax by the lake in the sunshine. Bring your bike and try some tricks on the BMX track or do some exercise on the outdoor gym equipment.


8. Get some friends together for a retro night in!

Invite your friends round for a Board Game competition; think Operation, Cluedo and good old fashioned Monopoly! If you’re lucky they might even bring some nibbles or even beer!

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9. Stay at home and chill!

Read a book, watch TV, catch up on your homework. Do a crossword, read a magazine, meditate, exercise… the possibilities are endless and all of them don’t have to cost you a penny. You could even spend the day reading all of the articles on Society 19 UK….actually that might take longer than a day.

10. Call home or even visit your friends

Call your parents, catch up with them plan a visit, ask them about their lives. Go to your friends that you haven’t spoken to in a while, have a cuppa tea and just chat about life, chat about your hopes and dreams your worries and fears. The thing is friends and family don’t cost a penny.

So if you are broke AF there is still plenty to do in Derby; whether that be spending some time outside in a park, calling home, heading to a museum or calling home.

Do you know anything else to do if you’re broke af in Derby? Let us know in the comments below!
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