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10 Things To Do If You Are Broke AF In Newcastle

10 Things To Do If You Are Broke AF In Newcastle

Need things to do in Newcastle? Here's a list of Newcastle activities to do with friends next time you are there. They are cheap things to do in Newcastle.

Broke? Welcome to my world. Student loans just never seem to last long enough (I maintain that those heels were a necessity), but don’t let that stop you from having a social life. I’ve rounded up the best things to do on a budget in Newcastle so you can have fun and wave your overdraft goodbye.

1. Take a picnic in Jesmond Dene

Believe it or not, Newcastle does have the (very) odd sunny day. Make the most of the sun and lounge on the grass at Jesmond Dene (although maybe bring an umbrella – it’s Newcastle after all).


2. Day trip to Tynemouth Beach

If sunbathing seems a teeny bit optimistic *sigh*, Tynemouth fish and chips are TO DIE FOR. Mmmm, my mouth is watering at the very thought.

3. Feel clever at the Centre 4 Life

Wait, there’s more to the Centre 4 Life than the nearby Rusty’s? As it turns out, the museum is home to a whole load of interesting exhibitions. Plus, you know, there’s nothing stopping you going to Rusty’s after.

4. Grab some cheap cinema tickets

Bow down to your new favourite day of the week. Head to Empire cinema on a Tuesday, and you’ll be rewarded with cheap-as-chips tickets! Okay, now I want chips.



5. Work out at Heaton Gym

Once upon a time, I argued that I couldn’t exercise “because gyms are waaaay too expensive”. Then I found Heaton’s outdoor, and completely free gym… Wow, I miss being lazy.

6. Chill in Quilliams cinema

Thought your favourite tea parlour couldn’t get any better? Think again! Quilliams screens a handful of films every month absolutely free. If I’m saving money on tickets, I can get a brownie right?


7. Fall in love at the dog cafe

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that coffee + dogs = happiness. The Dog and Scone have answered our prayers. For only £5 get a drink plus an hour of puppy cuddling – bliss.


8. Laugh your head off at The Stand Comedy Club

Prepare for shmiggles of giggles on Wednesday nights, as comedians try out their new material. Sure, it’s a bit hit and miss as some are far funnier than others, but there is always a headline act at the end to have you in stitches. Plus, for only £3, you can’t really go wrong.

9. Snap some pics at The Baltic

Your next Insta post awaits – head to Level 4 of The Baltic for uh-mazing views of the city. Time to get working on a witty caption.

10. Pretend you’re 5 years old by the Fenwicks Christmas Window

Come December, you can ‘bring your small cousin’ to see the city’s favourite window display (yes, I know I’m 21). This isn’t any old window – it’s a moving, story-telling, magical window (yes, I still know I’m 21).

Let us know what you think about these things to do in Newcastle if you are broke?! Drop us a line!!
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