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Here’s A List Of Things To Do Every Day For A Positive Mind

Here’s A List Of Things To Do Every Day For A Positive Mind

Here's A List Of Things To Do Every Day For A Positive Mind

Creating a positive mindset for yourself can sometimes be quite challenging when you are stuck in rut. We all aim for that zen place in our minds to take away from those everyday stresses – yes – but without an on call spiritual yogi, self-positivity may not always come so natural. So here is a list of things to do every day for a positive mind!

Turn Every Bad Into A Good

Although this one can seem a little ambiguous, it is one of the more simply effective way to creating that positive mindset. When anything bad occurs, try to see the light at the end of the tunnel and turn it into a more positive outcome and outlet, after all – everything happens for a reason!


Say Yes More

…To some extent…. rejecting offers, nights out, hanging with friends or any over opportunity won’t really benefit your life nor mood by saying no. Saying yes to more things can lead to more fun, more opportunities and experiences.

Eat Plenty Of Fruit And Veg

Although you would think eating takeaways, junk food and plenty of chocolate would be something that cheers us up at the time, in the long run it won’t really do anything for our minds nor our bodies! Eating well fuels our bodies in the right way and helps our digestion, mind and body work a lot better, trust us…


Do More Of What Makes You Happy

Many of us having busy lives, and finding the time for some ‘me time’ can be difficult. But set a side time each day to do something for yourself that you enjoy to do. Put yourself first more and focus on what makes you happy, not others.

Spend Time With Uplifting People

Happiness and positivity is contagious. When you surround yourself with other positive thinkers, it will rub off on you and you will learn their positive ways, outlook on life, mood and optimism!


Drink Plenty Of Water

Again like eating well, water is a great way to feed our brains and keep our bodies hydrated and healthy. After all a healthy life is a happy life. Being dehydrated makes us feel lethargic and tired, which will not help our positivity or mind work in the right way for leading a better life.

Sit Up Straight

This is a habit that can be difficult to break. Slouching gives us that ‘ughhh’ feeling, and if you are someone that sits at an office desk all day we probably know this feeling all too well. Breaking the bad habit and training ourselves to have better posture and sit up straighter will increase our moods and make us more productive!

Find Your Go-To Zen

If that’s sitting in the garden for an hour, reading your favourite type of books, playing the piano or taking a relaxing bath. Find the during your day or week to have ‘down time’, when you can totally relax, think about nothing at all and let all the worries pass you by.


Appreciate All That You Have Each Day, And Not What You Don’t Have

When something is right in front of you it can be difficult to appreciate what it is you have, until it is gone. Don’t let go of those good things by not appreciating what you have right now. Count your blessings, see the good in your world and hold onto it while it’s there! Don’t dwell on what you want or don’t have, time will come, but for now smile at all you do have.

Surround Yourself With More Nature

Nature is a natural remedy for positive thinking. It inspires us and lets us breathe better. If that’s visiting the park, walking to and from work or having plants in our homes, nature will sure give us a better and more cleansed mind.


Remove Yourself From Social Media/Technology For At Least An Hour A Day

We all know the damage social media and our phones can have on our mental health and moods. We are constantly comparing to other people and beating ourselves up about what they have and what we don’t have. Of course, social media is a snippet of people’s lives and they only show what they want. But we sometimes struggle to see past that and take it for what their Instagram feeds look like. Removing yourself from that (black hole) chance to compare and dwell, will help you appreciate your own life.


Do At Least One Thing Kind Each Day

Try to do a good-will each day. If that is saying hello and thank you to the bus driver, or making a cup of tea for our office colleagues or helping an elder cross the road, it will make you feel so much better about yourself.

Compliment People

You get what you give… when you give off a good energy and are kind to people, the mood is pretty much always precipitated and given back. Treat people how you wish to be treated.

Smile At Strangers

Smiling is contagious, so living in a world where more smiles are shared will not only lift your mindset but will brighten that other persons day, and they will begin doing the same to other strangers.


Getting Physical

Keeping our body active also plays a big part for our minds. Working out, exercising or getting anyway what physical released endorphins and lifts our positivity!

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Create Your Best Spotify Playlist

Create a playlist just for you, on your favourite uplifting and inspiring music and listen to in when you get the chance. Even have a little dance or sing along if that will lift your mood even more, why not!

Focus On Your Breathing

When stress builds up it puts a strain on our positive mindset and get’s us a little down. When we focus on our breathing it allows us to released that built up tension and let it alllllll gooooo.

Find Sometime To Laugh About

Laughter like smiling is contagious, so when we hear someone else laugh, it has a tendency to make us laugh too. If it’s watching a video, a play, a book or thinking of a funny time in our lives it will make us smile and release endorphins – again lifting our mood!


Focus On Your Direction

Setting goals and targets gets us where we want to be in life or a certain situation. Giving ourselves direction allows us to think positively to striving to get to that place we want to be. If its a promotion at work, our dream body or that dream destination holiday – having that at the forefront of our minds will help us get their faster.

“My Thoughts Do Not Own Me”

Remind yourselves that although you may have a tendency to think bad thoughts, bad outlooks or always expecting the worst – just remember that our thoughts are not the answers and the end outcome. When a bad thought crosses our mind, repeat “my thoughts do not own me”. We can sometimes be our own worst critic and nightmare, so taking power of our thoughts is the way to go for a positive mind and life.

Create Goals

If that is daily, monthly or yearly, setting goals gives you a sense of direction to work towards, and knowing what it is you want makes it easier to focus and push towards that end result.


Remove Negative People From Your Life

When we surround ourselves with negativity it can rub off on us and we begin carrying someone else negativity with us. Removing toxic people with a bag energy will benefit us in more ways than one. “Let it go, let it go”.

Download Calming Apps

Download apps on our phones for down time before night, while travelling or doing chores around the house. A great one is ‘Calm’, a sort of mediative and peaceful mind thinking app that will help us breathe, concentrate and bring back positivity to our minds.



Can you think of any other things to do every day for a positive mind? Let us know in the comments down below!