7 Things To Do When You Can’t Fall Asleep At Night

Ever feel like your body is physically exhausted, but your brain is wired and can’t shut down? The frustration of not being able to fall asleep is the worst when all you want to do is sleep! So instead of tossing and turning and sighing in annoyance, you may as well do these things when you can’t fall asleep at night!

1. Do your homework/revision

Chances of you not being able to sleep is because you subconsciously know you have workload piling up and your running out of time to complete them. So doing some work not only mentally will wear you out but you feel as if you’ve done something productive helping you fall asleep better.

2. Meditate

Sleeping after a stressful day is difficult because you’re going to replay the day over in your mind. So calm yourself down by shutting your eyes and breathing in for 4 seconds, holding for 2 and breathing out for 4 seconds again. Repeat this as often as you have to. Meditation is known to improve focus and lower stress levels and try not to have any significant or potentially stressful conversations before going to bed.

3. Eat for sleep

Limit your daily caffeine intake and eat foods high in magnesium; such as almonds, cashews, and spinach and vitamin B complex; leafy green vegetables, nuts, and legumes. Experts also suggest taking supplements of taurine, vitamin B6, and magnesium. However, avoid eating late in the evening because large meals pre-bedtime have been linked to trouble falling asleep.

4. Workout

I know this may seem to contradict the fact you’re not supposed to exercise before bed, however, doing leg exercises such as leg raises, lunges and squats to divert blood flow away from the brain and towards the legs, helping slip into dreamland better.

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5. Have a hot shower before bed to help relax the muscles.

6. Read

Similar to the point above however if its the summer holidays read a short passage from something inspiring and uplifting to relax you every night. I recommend the book; The subtle art of not giving a f*ck by Mark Mason.

7. Listen to white noise

The structure of white noise allows your brain to block out any annoying sounds that keep you from sleeping because white noise contains different tones and it’s predictable and boring.

” Dear 3 A.M. We have got to stop meeting this way. I’d much rather sleep with you. “

Can’t fall asleep at night? Let us know how you battle your sleep deprivation in the comment section below!

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