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10 Things To Bring To University That You’ll Actually Need

10 Things To Bring To University That You’ll Actually Need

It can be hard deciding what to pack and what to leave home when you are moving away for university. Here are 10 essentials you actually need to bring!

Uni has started…yikes! I bet there are things you didn’t think to pack and you have every piece of stationery known to man, but your dorm room isn’t homely. Adding some personality to your dorm can instantly make it feel more like home. Luckily you have the internet and Amazon at your finger tips. Here are 10 things to bring to university that you’ll actually need!

 10 things to bring to university that you'll actually need!

1. Toilet Light

A toilet night light with motion activated sensor because no one wants to miss the toilet or clean up the mess after a night out at the student bar!  Friends will have no excuse to miss and you can choose the light colour great buy and totally needed.





2. Nosh Student Cookbook

Nosh for students a student cookbook because you have got to eat and what better than a recipe book that has a photo with every recipe.

3. University Games

University games 5 second rule a great way of meeting new friends and relaxing 400 questions on 200 cards you have five seconds to name three items of course you could add your own twist.


University Games 5 Second Rule the Game of Quick Thinking and Fast Talking

4. Wireless Key Finder

Always losing your phone? Can’t find your keys?  Running late? Don’t panic buy a 23 in one wireless key finder wallet, cell phone this will save your life.


5. A Night Light

A night light of course the toilet now has a light, but you have to navigate yourself there.   Your still unpacking,  clothes all over the floor? Books piling up? Your going to have a accident this 2 in 1 book light with flexible neck USB rechargeable will guide you safely as well as being very handy for reading and on your desk.

6. Oil Diffuser

Smelly room haven’t got the time to clean up or the will?  Mums not here.. Got friends coming round?  How about a cool essential oil diffuser, purifies air and calming for study automatic shutoff and coloured LED lights.


7. Paper Plates/Utensils

Don’t have time to wash up?  Broken your one surviving plate don’t panic you can buy 100 white disposable plastic plates ideal for student life.

RY 3864 Super Rigid Plate, 9 inch - Pack of 50

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8. Throw Pillows

You are looking for comfort you need cushions to remind you of home, for that extra comfort on your bed, desk and of course for decoration.



9. Portable Grill

A health grill great for toasties Panini’s heating waffles and pancakes not a great cook you can’t beat a health grill.

10.  Laundry Basket

Last but not least a laundry bag,  for a quick tidy up,  get it off the floor and to keep some sort of organisation in your new life as a Uni student.


Of course, some of you may have already thought of these things, but some may not! I hope this list helps in some way.

10 Things To Bring To University That You'll Actually Need
Do you have any other essential items to pack for university!? Share in the comments below!

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