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10 Things To Be Aware Of When Going To Your First Uni Party

10 Things To Be Aware Of When Going To Your First Uni Party

Just got invited to the first uni party at your new college? Here is a list of 10 things we should all know when going to our first uni party!

The parties at university are irreverent, bizarre and incredibly cheap but if you’re going off to university this September there are few things you should probably know! So here is a list of 10 things we should all know when going to our first uni party.

1. Make sure you eat before you start drinking

Not only is this one sensible but it has also been scientifically proven.

If you drink alcohol on an empty stomach the alcohol is able to pass quickly from the stomach into the small intestine and most of it will be absorbed into your bloodstream.


So, in short, when you’re drinking your stomach will need something to soak up all the alcohol.

Not only that, drinking on an empty stomach can cause headaches and stomach-aches.

2. …And drink water

If you’re planning to drink at your first uni party than try to drink a fair amount of water throughout the day in order to avoid dehydration. By doing this, you’re basically ensuring that you’ll be able to drink for much longer, but this way your bladder wins too!


3. Pour your own drinks

If your first uni party is a house party, then pouring your own drinks is definitely a good shout. Obviously, you don’t want to get your drink spiked, but often when your friends are making you drinks they might put waaayyy more vodka (or any other drink of your choice) in there and it might lead to you throwing up a lot quicker than everyone else. It’s probably better to make your own drinks just so you know how much and what you’re drinking.

4. Say no to peer pressure

Say no to things you don’t want to do and say yes to things you do want to do. But always say no to most hard drugs.

5. Don’t walk home alone

Whenever you’re going on a night out make sure you know how you’re getting back! If none of your housemates are going with you, ask a friend if you can stay over at their house.


6. Make sure you’ve stocked up on anadin for the next morning

Before you go out put a water bottle next to your bedside table, your hungover self will be extremely grateful.

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7. Money

Most people just bring their card with them on a night out; but if you’re worried about spending too much, a great idea would be to take out enough money for the entire night.


For an average student night out you should keep around £20/25 on you because you’ll need money for entry, for drinks, for food on the way home and you should probably have money for a taxi, just in case.

8. Talk to people

You’ll meet so many different types of people at university and most of them will be friendly and approachable. The best way to start a conversation at your first uni party is probably talking about uni. You could ask them what course they are on, why they picked this uni or where they’re from.

9. You should know what the seal is

Seal definition: when drinking alcohol, you’re not allowed to go and pee. The term is based on the urban myth stating that you can’t pee when drinking because it will lead to needing to pee every five minutes.



Most clubs have quite strict dress codes and don’t allow certain footwear like trainers. It’s probably best to avoid this particular footwear because we all remember what happened to Simon from the inbetweeners.

I hope you all enjoyed 611 words of me being an uncool mom. Comment below if you can think of any more tips for your first uni party!

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