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15 Things To Avoid While At University

15 Things To Avoid While At University

If you're a fresher going into Uni, then these are the things to avoid while you're there. University can get the best of all of us, so it's important to be aware of what you shouldn't be doing before you head there!

University is difficult to navigate. Its’s the first time away from your family, no friends to support you, and your beloved pets left at home, Uni is going to be a great experience but could also be a terrible nightmare. Here are some things to avoid over the next three years:

1. Vodka jelly

it is so easy to overdo it on jelly, I once ate a whole cooking bowl full thinking I would be fine because I couldn’t feel it. I was home by eleven and spent the rest of my night getting intimately acquainted with my toilet. Trust me, this is one of the biggest things to avoid.

2. Vodka AND tequila

Most hard spirits are usually bad to combine unless the alcohol content is less than 20% but I have never seen a worse combination than Vodka and Tequila. It makes 80% of people angry and the rest physically ill.


3. Sex in freshers week

You will spend thee next few weeks running into them on a night out, where you will inevitably decide their mate is fitter but unfortunately now off limits.

4. Superficial mates

You are adults, you need to have friends that are good for you, not just convenient. This is one of the biggest things to avoid at Uni!

5. Takeaways

You are just going to hurt your figure and your bank account. Someone probably bought you a cook book when you were told you got in, use it! It is cheaper and healthier to cook and usually you have leftovers for the next days lunch.


6. Gym memberships

You will be way too busy/lazy to use this, its not worth wasting your loan.

7. Sleeping with flatmates/flatmates friends

This one should be common sense, you are going to have to be around these people for at least the next 9 months. A much as you think you can handle it, you can’t, your flatmates will end up picking sides if it gets bad enough and you don’t want the answer to “whose the best housemate”.

8. Blagging your notes

Take notes properly, you are not going to remember this lecture in six months time.


9. Comparing yourself to others

You are going to meet a wide variety of people at uni, there is going to bee a lot of people further ahead than you that you aspire to be, however there are also going to be people that want to be like you. You have all grown up and be raised in vastly different ways, you can’t spend three or more years comparing yourself to someone who has been given everything in life, its just going to ruin the entire experience for you.

10. Reinventing yourself

You are at least 18 years old, you have spent those years becoming who you are and that should be good enough. Plus if your home mates visit and you are acting a completely different way they are going to call you out on it, they are going to think you’re awful and your uni mates are going to wonder who you really are. Plus if you are yourself you more likely to make friends with people you actually get on with instead of pretending.

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11. Getting sloppy

Know your limits! DO NOT go out and drink more than you think you should just to seem cool. You will just end up embarrassing yourself and people won’t trust you on a night out again. It is just not worth it, you are better of seeming like a lightweight than an idiot.

12. Snapchatting your entire night out

Most of your mates were there, they don’t want to replay of their horrendous dancing and sloppy flirting. Also any mates that weren’t with you are just going to end up pissed off having to watch your night out while they are stuck at home.

13. Running out of toilet roll

Whoever’s turn it is will “forget” to buy it, ALWAYS keep some stashed in your room for emergencies, and don’t let the others know you have it because it will go missing.


14. Going to uni just because your S/O is there

You may be happy for the next three years and it’ll be great, but trust me long distance is best. If you break up one of you will get over it a lot faster than the other and if there’s anyone you want to see when you go home it’s definitely the love of your life.

15. Locking yourself away

Your flatmate might seem like assholes but you don’t know that for certain until you’ve drunk with them. Even if they really aren’t your kind of people they are probably still alright, and you are uni to have different experiences to what you would have at home.

What do you think of these things to avoid at Uni? Can you do it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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