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10 Things To Avoid At All Costs When Drunk

If you’re a college freshman and haven’t yet warmed up to the idea alcohol, chances are you’re going to bump into a party or two in college. Going out with friends, finding yourself at the odd dorm house party- let’s face it, getting drunk is only a way of life as a student. However, with great power also comes great responsibility… So if you’ve decided to welcome the lifestyle with open arms, let it be said there are some crucial things every newbie should hear. If not, that big first big sip could become the cause for your first big regret.

1. Making spontaneous and brash comments

Let’s begin with the most obvious mistake you’ll slip into when being drunk… Even if you’re ‘the quiet one’ of the dorm house, you’ll be sure to notice your mouth becoming much more lively as the refills continue. Things begin to get awkward when you spontaneously fire your own comments into people’s conversation, or to those who just might not appreciate the random sense of humor. The faster you gain control over the anomaly, the better.

2. Getting overly emotional for a colleague or friend

So you’ve got a lot of respect and admiration for a certain friend or colleague? Don’t start getting overly sappy to the point the words ‘I love you, man…’ escape from your mouth. Keep the dial on 2, that way the person can still get the message while you maintain some grace.

3. Taking a drink from a stranger

Don’t think you’ve hit it lucky when a person hands you a free drink. They could be just friendly, or you could find out that they’ll actually a spiked cocktail.

4. Getting confrontational with a security guard

It’s never a good feeling having your fun cut short; especially when you’ve been having a blast, you’ve just made it to the next pub or club, and suddenly hear you’ve been refuse to be let… But trust me when I say that no matter how narky you become, no matter how big a scene you make- the security guard isn’t going to change his mind. Just do yourself the favor of accepting it and moving on.

5. Make social media posts

As much as it might make you feel better at the time, making a public vent on Twitter, Facebook etc isn’t the answer to your issues…

6. Falling asleep outside

If you discover you turn into a bit of a sleepy head when drunk the it’s probably best you try to keep your socialising in-doors. As refreshing as the sleep could be, you could wake up find you’ve become a nice snack bar mosquitoes and other insects over the course of the night.

7. Smoking when you don’t smoke

Like many things, there’s a time and place to try your first cigarette. (This typically when you’re not drunk and heavily desensitized from alcohol…) Carelessly inhaling and push yourself beyond normal tolerance wouldn’t add much to your experience other than possibly nausea or a sore throat for the following week.

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8. Drunk texting

Alcohol and a keypad aren’t two things that go particularly hand-in-hand together (both literally and figuratively speaking), so don’t text your crush when your drunk, no matter how right it feels. In the end, it’ll more than likely end up as an awkward situation for both parties.

9. Argue with your partner

Let me tell you the worst time to discuss tense and emotionally rousing matters with your partner: surprise- it’s when you’re drunk! Remember the girl who was crying to herself on the way in to the party? Or the guy who punched the wall and busted his hand after reading his phone? Don’t be those be those people.

10. Taking off your heels off to walk barefoot

After a night of dancing and climbing stairs, your feet could be in a decent amount of pain. However, before making that walk back to the house, you might want to first remind your drunk self of the sticks, broke glass, needles and other goodies that may be waiting for your delicate, unsuspecting feet.

How were your first experiences drinking? Do you have any must-hear advice worth mentioning? Be sure to share it in the comments below!

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