4 Things That Will Only Happen To You At University Of Glasgow

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I loved being a student at University of Glasgow! It is such a great uni to go to; the courses are all interesting, the campus is beautiful and everyone is so nice! As a recent graduate, I am beginning to become really nostalgic over the place I called home for 4 years of my life. With that being said, I have been pondering all the things that are bound to happen to you if you are a student at UofG. So here are 4 things that will only happen to you at University of Glasgow…

1. You will get into a state of fatigue whilst walking around campus

University of Glasgow is such a breath taking university and because it is so amazing aesthetically, this means that it is also quite big! It does not help that the uni is built on a hill and different buildings are all scattered around the west end. With this comes a lot of fast walking and heavy breathing whilst you have to get from one end of the campus to the other end in a matter of 10 minutes or so. The hill on University Avenue definitely makes it really hard to stick to a fast pace and it is the prime factor of what makes you all breathless and in desperate need of water as you get to your next class! This is for sure a really annoying thing that will happen to you at University of Glasgow.

2. Struggling to find a seat/ computer in the library

University of Glasgow’s library is huge with its 12 floors, so it should come as a surprise that it is highly difficult to find a desk or computer to study at in any of the levels provided. Sometimes if a student is really desperate to study in the library they resort to seating on the floor! Although this is just something which is highly frustrating and annoying- it does make it something which will inevitably happen to any University of Glasgow student whether you like it or not, considering how many students the university has!


****4 Things That Will Only Happen To You At University Of Glasgow

3. Acting like a tourist within your own university!

This point is definitely something which every student has experienced at UofG. To explain, the main university building is something which not many of us need to visit as it simply does not house many lectures/ classes- for most students anyways. I hardly ever had a class within the grounds of the main building- which is so beautifully gothic by the way (queue Harry Potter theme music), so when I did go in there (mostly for exams sadly) I always seemed to get overwhelmed by the beauty of the building! Yes, I should have been focusing on the fact that I was a student who was about to take an exam and not a care free tourist, but the fact that most of my classes were outside the main building made me so excited to see the interior every time I went in. It is almost as if I forgot exactly how incredible it was! This is one thing which will happen to students of UofG for sure!

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4. You will get distracted  by the hustle and bustle of Byers Road

Good old Byers Road is one of the busiest/ trendy streets within the west end! It is home to many restaurants, coffee houses, clothing/ interior design shops and a trusted Superdrug! With all these fun and recreational shops comes all the standard/ practical things every main street should have like banks and supermarkets etc… This is a student’s dream in other words, as there is nothing better than having a little break either in between lectures or if you really need to get out of the library for a bit of interaction with the outside world! It is a great place to go to escape the stresses of student life, making this premise something that will only happen to you at University of Glasgow!

****4 Things That Will Only Happen To You At University Of Glasgow

So there we go, 4 things that will only happen to you at University of Glasgow. Be sure to comment down below all the likely things that are bound to happen to you at your university!

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