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15 Things That Will Only Happen To You At Royal Holloway

15 Things That Will Only Happen To You At Royal Holloway

If you're a student at Royal Holloway then chances are that you can relate to this list of things that will only happen to you here!

Royal Holloway is the university I attended for three years, and over those years I realised many things about it that popped up over and over again. Therefore, I decided to compile a list about it!

1. The Founders-Hogwarts Debate

I am one of those people who personally despises when people call Founders ‘Hogwarts’, because I don’t think they look anything like each other, and also I’m not sure if I would count Founders as a castle, full stop. Sue me.

2. Getting Lost in Founders

I still got lost in Founders in third year. It’s a very confusing building and most of it looks the same, okay? If someone tells you they’ve never gotten lost in there for at least 10 minutes, they’re lying.


3. Having to Tell People That You Don’t Actually Live in London

Yes, it is Royal Holloway, University of London. No, it’s not actually in London. Please don’t ask me which part of London I live in. We’re in Surrey, okay?

4. Both Hating and Loving Egham At the Same Time

Oh, Egham. You are a tiny town with a sad name, but somehow at the end of my three years I knew I would miss you and your tiny high street anyway. Sometimes less really is more.

5. Having to Leave for the Library Incredibly Early to Get A Seat (R.I.P Founders’ Library)

A good seat, that is. You guys know what I’m talking about. If you arrive after 10am, you are left with the awful seats, and that is your own fault. Sorry about it


6. Slipping into Every Conversation That Your Campus Is the Most Beautiful in the UK

Yes, we won that – can you say instant bragging rights or what?

7. Having to Walk Up A Steep Hill Almost Every Day

Egham Hill is both terrible and wonderful depending on your mood and the weather. Many a time did I arrive sweaty and soaked to a lecture because my umbrella was too wide for the narrow pavement. It’s a nice walk otherwise though and will keep you in shape.

8. Being Awkwardly Forced to Leave a Food or Drink Place Because You Forgot Cash

Royal Holloway, please, even though I’m gone, I’m begging you – make everywhere card-friendly, for the sake of card-carrying students everywhere.


9. Being Resigned to the Fact you Will Have to Take Your Laptop to the Library

Only about 10% of the computers actually work, and there is a quiet fight about who gets the ones that do actually work. Just take a laptop.

10. Spending All of Your Money on Online Shopping

There is only one clothes shop in Egham, and its demographic is not students. So what do you spend your student loan on, aside from takeout’s and nights out? Online shopping, of course! Confession: I was practically best friends with the local delivery man by the end of the year.

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11. The Egham-Englefield Green Debate

You have to pick a side – you are either Egham, which is closer to Tesco and the train station, or you are Englefield Green, which is cheaper but mostly closer to campus. Whichever you choose, someone will have an opinion on it. (I was and still am Team Egham).

12. You Have to Put Up with Being Spammed by Dominos

When your SU is literally sponsored by Dominos, you can bet you will be bombarded with advertising material about it every week or so. And, hey, sometimes it does work, but most of the time it’s very annoying.

13. Your Car is Essentially Useless

Oh, you have a car? Great! But you can’t park it anywhere on campus, because we’re already too full! You will also be hard pressed to find a student house with available parking spaces too. Egham is definitely a walking zone.


14. Bumping into Lots of Schoolchildren

Royal Holloway hosts a lot of school taster events throughout the year, especially towards the end, so don’t be surprised if you are stared at by a bunch of eager-eyed secondary school students who just can’t wait to get started!

15. Don’t Expect to Meet Many Northerners

In my three years at Royal Holloway, I can announce with certainty that I met four other people from the North while I was there. Granted, that’s because it’s a Southern university, and a very popular choice for International students, but still. Can’t we solve the North-South divide together?

There we have it – 15 things you will encounter whilst at Royal Holloway! What do you think? Let us know in the comments!
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