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10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At The University of Winchester

10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At The University of Winchester

There are so many things that will happen at the University of Winchester on a daily basis. If you're a Winchester student, you'll definitely understand.

From money hungry washing machines to Winchesters nightlife (or lack of) you’ll be able to relate to the list of ten things that will 100% happen to you throughout your time in Winch. Whether you’re a current student, graduate or just live here, at least one of the points will have affected you at some point. Keep reading for things that will happen at the University of Winchester.

1. When living in Uni halls, the washing machines will eat all your money and then refuse to work.

You finally have enough time/energy or correct change to wash the laundry pile that’s been staring at you for over a week. You drag your washing all the way down to the laundry room and you’ve actually managed to fit your gigantic pile in the machine, to then find out that the machine not only wants to swallow your money but it refuses to work. After what seems like tonnes of effort just to clean your clothes, you avoid kicking the shit out of the machine and having what feels like a scheduled weekly mental breakdown. Keeping yourself calm and composed is key, no one wants to see you cry over laundry.

2. The hills in Winchester will kill you.

Who needs the gym when your entire city is on a hill? Walking down to the shops may be easy but walking back up feels like you are hiking up mount Everest.


3. Your hands will fall off whilst carrying a weeks worth of shopping home.

Can’t afford to order an online food shop? Yeah me neither. Walking to and from the shops is the cheapest and also the most tiring way to get your weekly shop. Those five pence shopping bags from the likes of Sainsbury’s weighed down to the floor with food will make you feel like your hands are splitting into pieces. Combine that with hiking the great Winchester hills, its enough to make anyone run for a taxi rank.

4. “Let’s just order a taxi”..

Ahh that phrase, said so often and yet I still catch myself struggling up that mile long hill sweating my arse off whilst carrying almost two weeks worth of shopping because I’m too tight to get a taxi. Although when you really think about it a taxi is only around £6 from the town centre to Burma Road halls, so if there’s three of you it is only £2 each.. Bargain!



5. Your precious food will be stolen at least once

Food that is left out in the kitchen is like honey to bees for drunken flat mates. Whether it be something just as simple as crackers, hide them!! You won’t believe how much food is stolen whilst living in halls. And if you don’t think you’ll be bothered about a bit of cheese, imagine if it’s on a bit of left over pizza that you’ve been wanting all morning then to find out its gone? Try and contain your rage then!

6. Good luck finding a free parking space in Winchester!.. Or any parking space for that matter..

Thinking of bringing your car to Winchester University in your first year? Yeah that will not be possible. Parking permits are £130 a year, even then if you live within 5 miles of the university you cannot apply for a permit anyway. My advice being wait until your second year till you’re in a house with a driveway. Even then you won’t be allowed to park on campus during the day so your car will only be used for one of two things.. 1. Being the household taxi your lazy house mates, and 2. Taking your own lazy arse to the shops to avoid the public embarrassment of having sweat dripping down your face onto your shopping.

7. You will become broke AF.

Living in Winchester you’ll soon come to realise that it lives up to it’s name of being the 3rd least affordable city to live in the UK (See the Independent News Article for more..). All I’m saying is DO YOUR RESEARCH when it comes to looking at second year accommodation to avoid being up shit creek when you realise you just cannot afford it.

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8. But, like every student, you will find any excuse to go out.

Whether it’s the Student Union events or the classic Frisky Friday at Vodka, you will find any excuse to get off your face and forget about the pressures of Uni for the evening. That is until you realise way to late on in the night that you have a 9am the next day, which at that point you don’t give a shit anyway and continue to get rat arsed.



9. You will attend I <3 BOP at least once.. probably in shite fancy dress.

Get your creative juices flowing every Wednesday for Winchester Uni’s favourite and most advertised night out, BOP! BOP is for those who love dressing up to a different theme every week and is usually a popular event for sports societies to attend. I once had an entire male sports team dressed as women in my kitchen.. that was a sight to see. But if you’re unimaginative and broke like me, you’ll probably do a theme like ‘devils and angels’ which will only cost you a quid for devil horns in poundland.

10. VODKA.. you WILL go and you WILL be going back for more.

Oh Vodka, Winchester’s one and only nightclub complete with long queues and three floors of disappointment. Despite its tragicness, you will find yourself coming back for more probably every week.

What are some other things that will happen at the University of Winchester?
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